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2/16 c28 Astargate3
well I'm sorry to hear that you've abandoned it I thought it was an interesting twist on the Harry Potter tree a fan fiction stories I'm writing something of my own it's a massive crossover and it's my first story I hope and when I put it out there you go check it out and find it interesting as well remember keep moving forward and don't let the naysayers hold you back
2/16 c28 69DimensionTraveler23
Aww, nuts, I was really enjoying it, but I understand. Writer's block is really a frustration at times. I hope you can rewrite it to your pleasure one day.
2/16 c28 darkarchangel09
oh look at that. dz2 abandoning another fic. Anybody else NOT suprised?
2/16 c28 11Nanchih
As a Nanchi, I hope I'm not included in the negatives? You have always written excellent stories, and I enjoy that they are YOUR stories. Please keep writing! I'll leave this on alert in case the muse returns, but I have several others also marked. Write what is fun for you! Use negative, stupid reviews for toasting marshmallows.
2/16 c28 dannyvp69
Gutted to see you have abandoned this story. I was really enjoying it. Shame about the negativity people choose to express rather than as you say simply using the back button. Well hopefully onto bigger and better things and I for one can't wait to see what you write next, aswell as all your other works.
2/16 c28 tattoodaffodil
bugger! gutted as love your style. I wish you well in your future endeavours x
2/16 c28 MamaHooterz
I hate the negative nancy's.
You gotta do what's best for you though
2/16 c28 1setokayba2n
You should ignore the negative reviewers and focus in the positive, if they don't like the story, is not like you put a gun and force them to read, if they even put bad reviews in multiple chapters then it's obvious that they are trolls, and just by that you should ignore it.

There are bad reviews that help the authors sometimes, and there are troll reviews written by people without brain, those you should ignore.

I wish you luck, and maybe to try in other places like AO3 or Wattpad
2/16 c19 Vampireking40
I almost pictured the Granger living in the Dursley house. That would be just as bad for Harry as where they do live. I like the mention of Copperfield again. See as Daniel Ratcliffe played him before becoming Harry Potter for 8 movies.
2/16 c28 10jukehero461
Well damn. I was rather curious as to where it'd be going now...

I do apologize for the spiteful little twits that slammed your work, we keep spraying for them but they always crawl back.
2/16 c28 8baelatrix
i’m so sorry to hear that, bc i really did enjoy this story. i think that people forget that fanfiction writers do not all write in the same style as the original author AND fanfiction is just that: fan made fiction. It’s someone else’s sandbox but you’re playing with the toys. I’m sorry that people don’t follow “don’t like it? don’t read it.” people like that should definitely not read fan made fiction bc not every writer will write the characters like their creator.
2/16 c28 ijen524
sad to see such a wonderful fic being abandoned ... good luck with your writing
2/16 c28 burnnotice
and you couldn't ignore the negative feedback because?
2/16 c28 Ravena D. Alister
Sad to see a story in my favs go unfinished but I understand
2/16 c28 2william1966
So sorry to hear this story is over! I know how you feel there are too many trolls around this site! I hope you do not quit writing.
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