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1/16/2022 c20 1blcoachmac
Daniel will now protect the boy to the death! Emma is gonna be a mama grizzly and Hermione and Neville will become very dangerous!
1/16/2022 c19 blcoachmac
Fight thru the torment and come out on the other side as close to whole as possible! Also exercise some of the past demons!
1/16/2022 c18 blcoachmac
Harry will loosen up but it will take time. Harry also needs to see adults who actually care for others.
1/16/2022 c16 blcoachmac
Not enough damage! Not enough pain for Malfoy, and none for Snape that needs to change!
1/16/2022 c15 blcoachmac
Kick Dumbles in the balls then the ass! SPike Malfoy like a bad serve and then dump Lucius in a dump, but have some fun with Narcissa, she is family after all!
1/16/2022 c14 blcoachmac
Good chapter, Harry gets a dose of reality while getting a serving of friendship!
1/16/2022 c13 blcoachmac
Now let him beat Malfoy to within an inch of his life!
1/16/2022 c12 blcoachmac
Talk about an asshole! No man is an island! One is only as strong as his weakest moment and sometimes one need a strong shoulder to help push past the pressure of life. Harry will learn this!
1/16/2022 c11 blcoachmac
Harry will get retribution from Snape, I just hope it is slow, painful, and eventually deadly!
1/16/2022 c10 blcoachmac
It would be smart for Harry to get a private tutor! We really haven't learned about his spell work but he has been practicing. I love the Harry/Hermione working together from the start!
1/16/2022 c9 blcoachmac
Poor Malfoy iisn't gonna know what hit him!
1/16/2022 c28 MrsFH
It was a great story right up until it was abandoned. It was marked complete. Complete and abandoned are not the same thing.
1/15/2022 c8 blcoachmac
Hmm, might not ne a good idea to piss off an old scottish witch!
1/15/2022 c7 blcoachmac
He should get private quarters since he is all 4 houses, then he, Hermione and Neville could study together!
1/15/2022 c6 blcoachmac
A new golden trio! ANyone who isn't named Ron would be good, and I always like Tracey Davis! But you write your story! I'm gonna read it!
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