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1/15/2022 c5 1blcoachmac
Harry will need someone to help with research and to just be his first friend! someone who also has a hard time making friends and loves to learn!
1/15/2022 c4 blcoachmac
Love it! Strong Harry, determined Harry, once aware of what he can do he will be a deadly Harry!
1/15/2022 c28 1Potter Abducted by Penguins
I'm saddened to read that you abandoned this story. I just read through it again, and I hope "Mighty Little Mage" will still keep most of the elements of this story alive. I really don't understand why some people didn't like this version. I enjoyed reading it, and I liked this version of Harry. One thing that also caused me to like this, is the fact that Harry never was friends with Ronald Weasley. The choice to be friends with Hermione and Neville was much better than in canon. To be honest, I hated Harry being meek and submissive and letting Dumbledore be so manipulative and not telling Harry anything!
1/15/2022 c28 Flipse
I'm sorry to hear that you abandon this story, because I seriously enjoy it. I don't know why anybody thinks Harry (or Harrison) would be a regular kid after his upbringing. You should not take the critisism too hard. I like your writing style. Keep up the good work!
1/14/2022 c6 6OriksGaming
Considering you're rewriting this, I assume you're aware of the issue, but I just have to say; your protagonist is an asshole. He's Hermione dialed up to eleven, but far more self assured. It's very sketchy that any 'good' characters he runs into like him on sight and any 'bad' characters, he takes an immediate disliking to and immediately does his best to alienate them.

Also, his insistence on being called Harrison, which isn't actually his name, seems pretentious before he knows about the wizarding world, and downright stupid once he does. Someone that smart should at least be aware of name recognition, and what doors can be opened if he simply keeps his name and isn't a dick.
1/14/2022 c5 An Anonymous Amateur
this is a great idea and I am somewhat enjoying it, but the writing is extremely disappointing

Others should not be complimenting Harry in their thoughts, especially in so much details and just after having met him

His disrespect of McGonagall is very edgelord-like and cringe inducing. Her and Fillius' reactions and lack of répartie is very unrealistic and a lack of perspective

Harry is your protagonist and main character, but the world should not revolve around him, every character in a scene should have their agency and thought process, completely independent from him

your story writes as Harry talking to NPCs unable to articulate emotions or freedom of their own.

the goblins trope is always eye roll worthy

this is what it reads like:

"Hi" says Harry.

"Oh wow, what a gentleman, a brilliant courageous soul, so impressive." swoons everyone and their mother.

I will keep reading, but somewhat disappointed so far...
1/14/2022 c29 c.karen09
This is definitely good news! Ill be watching for it!
1/14/2022 c29 The Kromann
ayy that's good to hear
1/14/2022 c29 1blcoachmac
Ought to be fantastic, as always!
1/14/2022 c29 DarthEmrys
good luck man...awaiting your story
1/13/2022 c12 ChaseTheSoul
I can see why you stopped this fic.
He's too much of an angsty little girl.
1/13/2022 c6 ChaseTheSoul
more like when harry banged hermione
1/13/2022 c5 ChaseTheSoul
ah good ole Ollivander coming through with the clutch
1/13/2022 c3 ChaseTheSoul
wooohoo he's a little turd.
1/9/2022 c28 2subhogue
I wish I could have seen this fiction completed as I have enjoyed what has been written. That said I respect your decision with abandoning the fic and can only say I hope those who flame in their reviews one day learn a lesson that keeps them from flaming others.
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