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1/16 c19 Razor137
Thank you for the update
1/13 c5 Fullmetal11791
I think this is an interesting concept but it has become too overly dramatic in unnecessary ways.

Naruto's goal was to break the devils pride and show that he and his faction were strong. Thats fine. But it would have been just as effective, and much simplier and better storytelling, to simply have him beat Sirzechs and Ajuka in the stadium at the same time in front of the entire stadium. He could have then simply gone and killed those involved in the massacre.

It really doesnt matter in the slightest how strong the Yokai army actually is if their leader is capable of bodying two super devils who are in the top ten at the same time. No one would be willing to antagonize that faction at that point.

This whole plan of go to war, show them they arent as good as they think they are, and then resurrect the dead people is just unnecessarily complicated. And its in no way a genius strategy, and making it so that even Ajuka, who is supposed to be an actual genius, is in awe of this strategy is just pretentious.

Its also hypocritical. Naruto is pissed that the Maou's didnt do anything about the massacre because of politics. But again, he seems perfectly capable of beating anyone and everyone he wants in the devil faction, and killing those involved by himself with no issue. So this whole thing about going to war and killing devils to traumatize them because politics is literally the same thing he's fighting against. So what, his policy is that its evil for them to do it, but a necessary evil for him to do it? Its dumb. Simply killing those involved quickly and easily by himself would have been justice enough, even if that goes against Naruto's principles as a whole. But this whole plan of causing chaos, confusion, terror and breaking the devils is not justice in any way, shape or form. It is vengeance, pure and simple. It was clearly motivated by hate, theres not even a question.

Lastly, to add on to that, ill remind you that the entire point of the Naruto storyline is about ending the cycle of hatred, pain, and conflict. Your Naruto is literally doing the exact opposite of what he would actually do. Every struggle he's faced has been about trying to relate to and come to an understanding with his enemies. He gets knocked down time and time again because he never goes for the easy route. He struggles because he wants them to empathize with his view of the world. The entire point is that his enemies come to respect, and then accept, his values, *and they do so by their own choice*. He never forces them, they instead change their mind because they respect his never ending conviction. There is no better example of this than him trying to reach an understanding and then forgiving Pein/Nagato after he killed Jiraya.

And here, he has made the entire devil race terrified of him all while knowing perfectly well that fear grows into hatred, and that hatred leads to the events like the Nekoshou massacre. Like Sasuke becoming an avenger. This whole war arc is literally the exact opposite of what Naruto would actually do, no matter how angry he was. This entire sequence is... just depressingly out of character.

And i dont usually have an issue with characters being out of character if theres a good build up. But here, youre trying to sell us that he actually *is* in character. And its just distasteful because he's clearly not.
1/7 c19 5Tenma Sosei
The only downside to this, is the shitty canon pairing of that loser Issei with a harem.
12/31/2021 c19 Guest
Mmmm…sinceramente no entiendo por qué todos se enojan con el naruto op,llevo leyendo muchas reseñas que dicen que el mundo de dxd
12/26/2021 c1 Guest
A type of Naruto crossover with DxD that actually explores different factions and other things that aren't always centered around the Gremory group.
Fuckin cool
12/26/2021 c1 BananaSlamma
TatsuyaShiva out here crying cause this story ain't his/her preference.
12/11/2021 c19 johnwhen
Story’s lit idk why people don’t like it.
12/11/2021 c1 johnwhen
I don’t get how people don’t understand it’s a fanfic and screw canon rules
12/10/2021 c1 NOX
Well none force you too read it if you don't like it TatsuyaShiva but don't try force author to change story because you throw a fit XD this is good story soo far so why change it btw. I am interested what you trying do with Scathach character she like Naruto XD ?

PS: GOOD JOB keep going like this !
PPS: More NaruHina please
12/2/2021 c19 Sivapithecus
Very intriguing story.
I recently came across the story and couldn't help but binge read the whole story once I was hooked.
Eagerly waiting for the next chapter.
Thanks for writing.
11/30/2021 c16 TatsuyaShiva4
Well Ise should be together with Naruto be the Main Character.
11/30/2021 c19 Nox
This is his/her story so he/she can do anything anything and everything to this story so what if it is bashing or naruto centre :p

Ps: i personally like it and more NaruHina please :)
11/30/2021 c14 TatsuyaShiva4
DxD has many OP Characters that can destroy Naruto. Your are just give Naruto OP Abilities out of Nothing. Even the Rinnegan is overrated.
11/30/2021 c15 TatsuyaShiva4
That Lizard is strong enough to wipe out all of the Naruto verse.
11/30/2021 c12 TatsuyaShiva4
This is the biggest Highschool DxD Bashing Story. So but I can't see it other than a bashing. Even Ajuka or Sirzechs could Solo almost the whole Naruto vers. I mean I am a great Naruto fan since the Beginning but this is just bland bashing and disrespect to the DxDverse. I love how you write your Story but the Power scaling is the one of the Worst.
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