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2/9 c39 Mikeblade
the underworld there in is not the one that hades is tied to so he would not get a power up since each religion has there own version of the underworld if it's not his it should make him weaker not stronger.
2/6 c37 Glitner
wow... do you have naked picture of issie on the wall at home or something honestly starting to get pissed off while reading ur fiction ... who is this fanfics mc ? .. issie i vould say ... i mean not only do you toss females at him like he is some sort of casanova wich we both know hes not .. and somehow the super smart rias and akeno and ofc with the bigbrain issie theyu manage to do a superduperuber aincent dragon force magic they just put their big brains togheter and came up with it ofc ... honestly ive had enough... u have slaughter the story at this point .. im not sayin ur bad at writing its the opposit ur really good but this story is outright lame at this point u have had all the oppertuneties to make naruto a really good mc and protoganist u did it flavless in the start of the fanfic but now its more like how fast u can slaughter his badass aura in each chapter ... first u pick an harem world where the prespective of the world is women will flock to power and having an harem is pretty much expected of u if ur strong enuff... yet u make him a singel man and whipped one at that u try to make it sound better with the twisting of the words that yaaska is a queen etc etc all want to marry her blablabla that just make her seem better not naruto he is the one who want to lick her feet in every chapter ,,, while small fries like isssie get magic upgrades wich they should have never even tought about b4 for no fkn reason ... ah and lets not forget all the other characters that have " sweaty sex and hot babes" wherever they go .. and here comes naruto after 36 chapter of character slaughter ... he wants to play hide and seek because ? no fucking reason he is the epodime of being a whipped husband he is 100% simp and he acts like a child ... , you made him out to be such a cool fucking caracter in the first chapter then slaughter him ... ive commented on this b4 on others chapters but im honestly suprised how u managed to slaughter him so good ..
2/6 c36 Glitner
wow another chapter of the random fanfiction of dragons
2/6 c35 Glitner
i honestly just scroll thru ur chapters now .. i came here for an awesome naruto dxd fiction and u started so fucking amazing then it just went downwards from there... we have had like 25% naruto in this fiction the rest is to showcase how cool evereyone else is with there awsome harem and how much sex they get while we the 25 % of naruto we get is him playing artound like a child chained 2 one woman in a harem world and everything u do about naruto just showcase how much cooler all the other is... your introduction of naruto was gold no even better it had weight it had style and you kinda rocked the hell out of it... but somehow u have masterd the ability to make such a cool character a side chharacter well att this point it honestly feels like hes just hat random dude who come up in fillers episode
2/6 c19 Glitner
ugh last chapter i just said that that ur making our mc less seem less then others lol and now in this next chapter lol the first thing u do is basacly pointing out to readers that issie is so much more that he cant simply have 1 girl like those normal simps and you use the normal trope of to big busted girl looking sexy and naked to even paint the picture even more lol ... if a casual reader reads this and not hardcore readers like me and many others they will only see wow issie is much cooler and better then naruto ofc naruto is stronger but for how long lol we all know issie fights exe gods who 1 shots great red and what are happening right now ? ... naruto and the strongest gods are having hide and seek moments while 2 naked busty girls are praising issie a normal pervert and they the way u set it up just make our normal mc look weak as a male character ... i will try to keep this on the down and keep reading but icant really handle a story where the mc is always potrayed as less in everyway and when harem is such a big part of the world he is in heh.. well thats just another way for him to look less
2/6 c18 Glitner
is it just me or everytime an author writes a straight male without harem in a harem world it just fails -_-... i mean in that world show/novel harem is just the way of life there in all way off life.. then here comes naruto.. im going to be the number one pokemon trainer and only have 1 pokemon , thats kinda the feeling he gives up all people around him have hardcore sex he is sitting besides his wife and praising her feet and licking her toes while all other males/females have an orgie ... no mather how you twist and turn it with words it just makes him come out as a hardcore simp with the secound grade syndrom of side character ... so to sum it up to make the mc of a story a 1 girl type is just destroying him... makes him look less then anyone else and yes yes its super cute zirczechs and grayfias relationship but u forget in almost all the later half of the novel grayfia almost cuck sirzechs like 10 times with issie cuz she is attracted to his power and personality ... wow what a rant it became anyways naruto just looks like a fool to go singel in a harem world it always makes the mc look less
1/30 c40 Phazer12
This arc was awesome, fabulous and so much more. Individuals growing stronger, factions doing war, God fights, plans and plans into motions. Gods fighting their own wars, not giving much thought to the Dragons, Dragons wanting to take the world back (could it be that ExE world corrupted, the New Dragon King) and another something no one knows, the Beast Wars! Will we see TriHexa as well, could that be the end villain?
1/30 c39 Phazer12
Damn Arjuna is really going into that ultimate tier right...
1/29 c29 kharlsonn123
Ohh yea did I miss it somehow, where or who is sasuke reincarnation?
1/24 c40 UzuShiro
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aparecio Luficer, quiero mas cabron.
1/20 c40 15ahsoei
I think you should write some sort of recap for the next chapter, what has happened so far; coz I've lost track. XD
1/19 c40 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
1/19 c40 Uday Sra
1/19 c40 fallendemon248
If man wont kill god, then the devil will do it... those are the only words going thru my head when lucifer showed up. So hyped for what comes next
1/19 c40 LordDarkness89
thanks for the chapter bro. cant wait for Naruto to get back in action. since the biblical god here is an otsutsuki. does the angel is like hagoromo and hamura
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