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1/25 c5 Kamishiro Ryuu
I liked this work. Exactly until the moment when Naruto resurrected the devils. Right after that, I forced myself to read the chapter... and I ended up there. The decision to resurrect everyone, including the devils, can be controversial, and therefore somehow justified. But it's just not my cup of tea, I find it too hypocritical. After all, he couldn't resurrect everyone. His people died for nothing. He spoke of justice, but all he got was a blow to the pride of the devils. Nothing more. Unless you really think that such a "punishment" is enough.
1/22 c28 mruseless.03
Thanks for the story , I really like that ExE will be different. I have no problem with original ExE , like the idea of machines and spirits is cool but to me it leaks substance / lore and Main Villain is unnecessary overpowered.
1/14 c28 Guest
Can't wait for next chapter, keep up the good work.
1/14 c28 SonicBlast4444
I cant wait for more. Thid has intruiged me IMMENSLY.
1/13 c28 Demo the destroyer
I really enjoyed the story i wish there was more honestly i rarely read stories to the end because they become boring but this was awesome hope you write more
1/3 c28 yourself8548
I love this story so far! Can't wait for more but take all the time you need to make it to your vision!
12/26/2022 c28 AVL04
I hope Great Red is not dead, his death was one fucking boring in the novel.
12/24/2022 c2 alefrosier
DxD without a harem is not dxd even if this is one of the best crossovers in Naruto and dxd well it's not that it's one of the best but it's a good reason for Naruto to come to the dxd universe which is really cool but doesn't make up for the fact that dxd being one of the best universes with good reasons for a harem to exist, I should have at least taken Kuroka as a second wife, I like that this universe is with a focus on the Shinto faction, it's the second fanfic I found with a focus on the Shinto faction, it's really sad the very few with a focus beyond demons and fallen angels I only saw two with a focus on the Heaven faction.
12/3/2022 c13 1DeOPOrange
This joining the academy arc is gonna be good. I remember reading a fanfic a while back about ichigo from bleach traveling back in time and joining the shinigami academy and that shit was good.
11/24/2022 c28 YhwachMan
Nice chapter. Keep up the good work my man.
11/23/2022 c28 austin.murdock3rr
This is really good. Keep it up can’t wait for me when you have the time for them!
11/23/2022 c28 8Quathis
Fun fight and seeing how Naruto inspired someone to forge their own path. Looking forward to how ExE will go here. Only really know that something from ExE killed Great Red, unless that was just a rumor/misdirection. Until next time.
11/22/2022 c28 6Dragon Blaze-X
Ohhh you tese
11/20/2022 c21 Booklovinkitten
so goofy _
11/20/2022 c21 Booklovinkitten
naw!, you can't just skip to the next part... I want to know what happened (ノ)ノ ミ
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