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8h c1 Guest
If you want a top 10 near close to the canon, obiously no couting the Ophis, Great Red and Trihexa.
1- Shiva
2- Brahma
3- Vishnu
4- Sirzech
5- Ajuka
6- Indra
7- Aten (Egyptian sun god)
8- Hades
9- Lugh (Celtic sun god)
10- Thor
Im not sure about Indra, Sirzech and Ajuka, they are very close, i put trimuti first just they are the primitive forces of the world, who literally make the circle of life exist.
Also know Shiva is strongest than Sirzech but with a close margin.

Very excited for the next episode.
1/18 c3 Archleone
Why on Earth would you name Naruto's empire "Avalon"?

This is taking place on Earth. Avalon is a known concept. Hell, it seems like Arthurian legends are even "real" on this version of Earth, because you have that "Hero" reincarnated asshat named Arthur who is allegedly the reincarnation of King Arthur or whatever. So Avalon probably exists or once existed.

It is also very English, and yet you gave that name to a Japanese faction.

It makes no sense at all. Also, even if it wasn't on Earth, naming kingdoms "Avalon" is kind of lame. It's like naming all cool swords "Excalibur" because you can't think of anything else to name a "cool sword".
1/18 c2 Guest
A DxD story without a harem is hardly a DxD story at all. It's the only flaw so far from an otherwise interesting premise.
1/13 c15 AcidESP
good history, i hope to continue, congratulations, i like this version of Naruto, see ya!
1/6 c9 Loooper
Dude, for beat Sirzech and Ajuka easy Naruto must be level of Trihexa or Great Red or more stronger, he is such a beast.
1/4 c2 Poharan
Some love to Tobio, i love his personality a low profile person but strong and smart. University student and also is a bartender, best friend ever. XD
12/31/2020 c15 Guest
Just saw this story again and saw that it had a new chapter, really good!
12/31/2020 c15 N3k0s4
Now... i have a idea, its possible for Naruto save the world becoming the Jinchuuriki of Trihexa? using himself as a jail for that?.
Must be very poetic of Naruto becoming a Jinchiuuriki for saving his friends, family and all the world...
Because lets be honest... im very sure all the factions want peace, i dont know why Naruto cannot become friend of Sirzech, Azazel and Michael too, they have very similar goals.
Your story is very good dude!
12/26/2020 c15 Winnie the Poon
This has been an absolute joy to read, thoroughly enjoying the uniqueness and intricacies contained in this story. The fight scene was extremely interesting due to both the powerups and detail. I can't wait to see what you have planned next for the characters here.
12/19/2020 c15 Dee
This story is super awesome.
12/17/2020 c15 zpedro200
Really great
12/17/2020 c15 emoryjmorrill
12/16/2020 c15 Wolf
Awesome more
12/15/2020 c15 Poharan
The more concepts and ideas collide with Boruto, the better for everyone, Boruto is an aberration who dont deserve nothing.
Now... if Oni (demons) are part of the empire, can Rem and Ram go to the academy?, they are a lots of youkai in anime world (inuyasha, dxd, re:zero, is a good example) or fairies too.
Keep the good work!
12/15/2020 c13 Guest
Azazel, Yasaka, Shiva, Serafall, Gabriel and Odin they may be "good students" too XD
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