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5/22 c21 Guest
That's Biblical God right?
5/22 c21 Witch Doctor Silas
in detail for the tournament I would love to see how it rolls out cuz you have a lot of factions intuitive and I would love to see the kids run wild
5/22 c21 Guest
Is it the Biblical God?
5/22 c21 Guest
Who is the “new” guy at the end? Is he an O.C. Or part of the DxD canon?
5/22 c21 wekir
Good chapter, i want that you focus more on Naruro's side
5/22 c21 Crimson Riot 01
Cool, la historia es genial
5/22 c21 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
5/22 c21 TehStorm
Great chapter! I hope you will just give us a summary of the tournament, while it's cool knowing the main characters are more powerful, we are here to see Naruto, not them...

That being said, i wonder if Rias and the other dxd canon characters will meet Naruto face to face. I would love to see their reactions...

Anyways, looking forward to see more!
5/22 c21 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude I definitely Can't wait for the next update and he next arc I also don't mind for either although I wouldn't mind seeing what Naruto is doing
5/22 c21 FatherOfBoi
Another fantastic chapter! And so soon as well! I love it!

Now ya really got my mind working trying to figure out who is pretending to be Indra and how he was able to fool even the Trimutri.

I personally would like to see more on Naruto's side. Like, the tournament sounds like a blast, but the alternative is just waaaaay too good than to focus on the kids.

Hoping for another speedy update, I love this story!

Also, if I hadn't made it clear in my last review, I love the changes you made to the story! Looking forward to what you have planned as well!
5/22 c21 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter this looks really interesting although I’m kinda miffed you skipped what happened long waited meeting with big R, i personally interested in the tournament mostly for Sona progress on this story.
5/22 c21 6The Faceless Wordsmith
Unless you plan on throwing a huge swerve where someone other than Naruto wins this little tournament, I'd recommend going with a summary and focusing on Naruto's fight. Or maybe focus on a key battle in each game with Naruto and company reacting to it.
5/22 c21 fallendemon248
Yes! Naruto feeding great red worked. Love it
5/22 c21 2Mo Eazy
Dear God summary style. I mean does the tournament itself really add anything to the story other than a pecking order? You would otherwise have to write a number of long fight scenes for the various groups that would just get…tiring. Tournament arcs are boring because of how structured they are. They also take fricking forever, usually with little payoff and a disappointing conclusion.

Meanwhile the rest of the cast is being proactive about the Khaos Brigade, which is way more interesting. He stakes are higher and there are no rules and you’re free to flex your storytelling abilities over just writing a few chapters of nothing but combat.
5/22 c21 1NaruLemon Stories
So what Indra is secretly Gorr the god butcher
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