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5/22 c21 Estex71
For the tournament, I think that you can do both a summary of the non important fights and then develop the important ones, I don't know how you have it organized but it is your choice, you have not disappointed me before, I don't think you will do it now, keep going.
5/22 c21 Guest
Hmm I'm guessing the biblical god who I believe is an otsutsuki himself was the guy at the end. Must of killed Indra and took his place to hide. Does he want to destroy the world too? To eat it's fruit? Perhaps with him and ophis being allies Naruto and great Red will be allies.
5/22 c21 Primarx
thanks for the chapter. if you have some interesting ideas than fights can be interesting though I see no reason to go into details with every battle. you can arrange some of them as a summary or recollection of sorts or an article in newspaper. agree with main focus on Naruto
5/22 c21 Guest
Is he Yahweh?
5/22 c21 Ayanokoji Kiyotaka
If you do the Tournament, do the rounds for the significant people. That being said I personally like to see Naruto’s story than the tournament full of just the devil main character. The only team I believed interesting is the hero faction. Your choice though, it’s your story
5/22 c21 Poharan
Ok, i literally jumped in my bed when i see your update, i think the best scenes of this Fic is see the main characters interacting with all the student, i really want to see more Rias and Sona, interact with more with all other factions, maybe Rossweiss as a teacher (?)
Or an activity in the school of all student with the leaders of the faction acting each other, i really want to see Rias and Sairaorg interact with Naruto but no as Menma, but as the king youkai or Sirzechs interact with Arjuna or Vali, Azazel interrogating Issei and talking about boobs or something like that XD.
About the main plot is on fire, Rizevim is a pleasure as antagonist even with his madness.
About the fight i know sometimes the fight are the hardest thing to write so, i expect a summary stile, like Sona explain the fight of Naruto and Riser.
PS: Please dont do Riser like an asshole like another fanfics, he is the average devil with pride and lust, he's not a monster or something like that just another devil with a harem like 90% of the pillars devils.
5/22 c21 Lechuzape
summary style
5/22 c21 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
Seeing the tournament could be fun as long as it doesn’t drag on. Though I am far more interested in this guy who met Infinity Loki Dragon.
5/22 c21 Defiant7
way more interested in the naruto side! The exploration of the dimensional gap is new and something I have not read before. That also feels like the core of the story while the other stuff feels more filler
5/22 c21 btorresalizaga
I prefer the tournaments battles being summary.
5/22 c21 8Quathis
Nice aftermath to Naruto's more ballsy surprises, though it does look to have had some forethought. Also opens up that realm to more active exploration than before. Though that will be on hold for the new search going on. The tournament will be fun though I think summaries would work for that, unless anreally important about happens. Until next time.
5/22 c21 GoSage44
Personally, I would want to focus more on the Naruto side, I mean we already know Naruto or Sairaorg(If Naruto doesn't actually compete). So, I would rather focus on Naruto, and or the Daiyokai side of things. As I believe it would be far more interesting and better for the whole world-building aspect.
5/22 c21 1spoil3dg3nius
so GOD is alive and he has taken Indra's place?
5/22 c21 InfinityMask
Damn. I wonder who is the one that meet ophis...
kinda think that they would tell what they’re hiding about god.

Hmm... it’s would be interesting to see tournaments. But I guess summary about what happened would be good too. Not to small not to big one or two chapters? I don’t know what to choose because there’s so many I want to know more.
5/22 c21 17Harrison Aldrich Emrys
God? Yahweh wants to destroy the world? What, Jehovah doesn’t have enough witnesses?
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