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for The Fourth Beast

7/21 c33 fallendemon248
Ok I was expecting some other beast in that universe but I definitely wasn't expecting Ophis to trap Red
7/21 c33 wowen.ruiz
Red basically took over ExE. Making him the world's savior. Also he gets to interact with new species and their dreams. Ophis being the real big bad is freaking great. But what would Ophis now do when she finally has his/her silence. The villains of DxD has no more OP backing but the Yokai King and his new BFF is missing.
7/21 c33 Guest
The Gods of ExE are weak in this fic. Canonically those of ExE are stronger by far. Well, however, good chapter, I hope you don't keep nerfing the gods of ExE
7/21 c33 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
7/21 c33 manners
friend naruto is a demigod since he is the reincarnation of ashura the youngest son of the sage of the 6 paths

friend naruto has his sage mode transformation of the 6 paths

Naruto has a rinnegan and sasuke's sharingan

dude make naruto x yasaka love story fic

friend put yasaka as a couple of naruto

naruto x yasaka
7/21 c33 Morkail
Huh so what world did they end up in? And it’s interesting to see the infinite dragon as the villain she usually ends up as… well the pet of the MC or something. Thanks for the chapter.
7/21 c33 AssassineCon
Now this is the horror that I wished for Beasts in canon, absolutely terrifying :D! Absolutely love your world man, do not listen to those mentally challenged guest reviews. Those are probably all wriiten by one insecure twat, who is not happy with their life.
7/21 c33 please don't1
terrific story so far! damn im exited for whats gonna happen!
7/21 c33 1Simmonschr
great chapter can't wait for the next one keep up the good work and can't wait to see what you would about Naruto vs ophis
7/21 c33 Guest
7/21 c33 Estex71
what tha hell just happened hahaha, this is amazing man, I will be waiting for the next arc.
7/21 c1 Guest
Some of u are piece of shit if we can't criticize a writer then how does he grow. U guys need to take ur face out his ass in order to see not all reviews will be golden showers and rainbow, sometimes u need ur reader to tell u the hard truth. And that idiot talking about the eldritch horrors then what do u say of the inhabitants of exe, useless fellow
7/21 c33 Alexander4443
Good chapter
7/21 c33 1Senpou modo
The arc was epic.
7/21 c33 Guest
G.O.A.T. The only way to describe this fanfic. Keep up
with your writing. Don't listen anyone who try to insults this story.
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