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10/20 c35 Ezylryb
Great chapter
10/20 c35 Estex71
great chap man, keep it up, i am intrigued
10/20 c35 4Monster King
Awesome work please continue
10/17 c1 amavgupta0
bro pls reupload ophis apprentice V2 I was reading it and I was on chapter 2 even though the story is not complete and you won't continue I want the satisfaction of reading all it's chapters I liked it plslplsplsp
10/13 c34 Trobollo
Yup. A stupid cliche happened just so a stupid plot point can take place. What's next, Naruto and company come back when their kingdom is destroyed and their love ones killed. Or perhaps, someone taking over the kingdom with Naruto being nerfed like a wimp. No wait, maybe everyone's all time favorite overused cliche of the MC crying and whining like a little bitch because they couldn't do anything.
10/13 c34 DragonOfApocalypse
It was pretty good.
I have a question, I haven’t read the light novel yet, in the novel Great Red really died? Or Ophis trapped him in the ExE world just like in your story?
10/12 c22 Guest
Welp Naruto gets nerfed so that a stupid plot point can happen. How about next time time, don't start out or bother having an overpowered MC when they can easily be nerfed like a noob
10/12 c34 1DanielHimura
I really don't care for chapters in parts. It's cliffhanger after cliffhanger.
That said, it was not a bad chapter.
10/8 c34 icgmaelstrom
Ophis does not realize how bad she just "Fucked up". Really locking out 3 of the strongest beings right as the supernatural world is going through a war and screwing the balance with the avalon kingdom.

Really she is going to be blasted once they figure out what she did, and with Jiraiya on the case that will be soon.
10/7 c8 joearnold926473
brilliant story but i truly wish you had brought kurama over with him, kurama is a massive part of naruto's abilities
10/7 c34 codywhite162
Loved the chapter! Excited to read what happens next
10/7 c34 Average crackhead
Thank you for update
10/6 c34 wowen.ruiz
Jiraiya being a husband to many wives and parent to many children just made him improve more. Also he learned from past mistakes of not handling loose ends that might bite him in the future like that time with his first 3 students.
10/6 c33 LordDarkness89
damn,ophis and great red must be like multiverse level
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