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5/6 c20 8Quathis
Still the prankster I see. Good feels here, the thrill of the chase but with a possibly amiable ending. Will take a re-read to see what's been changed. Until next time.
5/6 c20 Sito uzumaki namikaze
Well… that was something!
5/6 c20 fallendemon248
Naruto use Unlimited Food no Jutsu….. It was super effective! Nani!?
Great Red is now able to be befriend…..

Lol if this fucking works I’m gonna die laughing. Love the chapter though I do wonder what they found with the sealed universe or prison or whatever it is
5/6 c20 modir321
thanks for new ch waiting for sometimes
5/6 c20 jabali1990
Really happy to see an update. Even happier to learn that the whole story has been reworked. I can read the full thing again. Thats my weekend sorted!
5/6 c20 Damedream
or women.
5/6 c20 Damedream
Good to see that your back man
5/6 c20 Dasgun
5/6 c20 Chris PerMow Warner
thanks! look forward to more
5/6 c20 4Monster King
Awesome work
5/6 c1 6Bhuvan Nagaraj.D
God was I scared, I thought you had abandoned the sorry for god sake you gave me one hell of a scare bro and all the best and good luck
4/4 c1 Pessagno Stefano
I agree with fullmetal
3/31 c18 holyx23
Oh man, Thor is so awesome but also very amusinghaha
3/22 c19 4Shawn. Just shawn
Damnnnn you made jiraiya scary in this one! And no, I don't mean 'ohh I'm so powerful' scary, I mean he is powerful, but that's not why he's scary in this one.
He's scary, because unlike naruto, who can't move around without being noticed, jiraiya is free to move in the shadow naruto has made on all the other factions.
I'm not afraid of the guy who's in the light waving the big stick, I'm afraid of the guy in his shadow who can do the exact same, and even more then him because of no backlash from public being a factor. They are the ones you fear.
3/20 c19 majikss
lol so I guess you were lying about finishing this arc before December
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