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7/29/2021 c3 1FangLord1234X
this is beyond op and enters Uber Godlike
3/12/2021 c6 Jay
Can you pls make more?
2/16/2021 c1 thegrison
Ok first 80% of 4 year olds are not that smart. Naruto world has yet to make video games at this time. Naruto was not smart. It took until his mid teenage years for his boom smarts to go up. It kills the story if he gets that power too early. Most gamers can OP they stats in a few months. Unless he is capped at life points then by 10 he could be stronger yhan the 3rd hokage.
1/16/2021 c6 bill4994
i really enjoy your story and look forward to future chapters! i do agree he is OP but like the way you slipped in possible opponent or even ally depending on plot developments. keep up the good work.

best wishes

9/4/2020 c6 16linkiepie2214
This is a fun read. And is this died and if so can I pick it up?
4/27/2020 c6 Clark the Lion 8181
4/17/2020 c5 7uflesh940
Hahahahahaha love Danzo in this one!
4/17/2020 c3 uflesh940
God strength doesn't have any kind of cooldown time...
9/1/2019 c6 T M C A W
You cliff hanging son of a bitch

This is awesome please update soon I need to know what happens next

I love that rose made of ice its so romantic I read it in another fic were the character made it hollow and filed it with lava

Please please please updated soon
7/7/2019 c6 Tryson
3/30/2019 c6 Guest
3/29/2019 c6 12helrio uzugaku
Ok, I can get behind speeding through power and basically becoming godlike in zero seconds. But character development and plot are important in any good story. If you don't take the time to properly give a feel for the environment and atmosphere of the setting you don't have location.

Next is character development. That is NOT something you can or should speed through. The characters are the lifeblood of the story. They are what drives the story forward. Do you have a clue what Naruto's personality is like beyond being strong enough to turn Kaguya into paste? Do you know where you want his personality to go?

Ok he's read up an entire lifetime worth of knowledge, but the problem with knowledge is it's a double edged sword if not handled correctly. Too much knowledge too fast does things to the mind outside of physical pain. It WARPS your thought process irrevocably. Makes you think more like a machine than a man. The only way to counter this is a strong sense of self, an identity, close ties with friends and loved ones and most importantly an unstressful environment. He is 4 now 6, just because he has the ability to think like an adult doesn't mean he has the life experience to trust what his mind already knows. Kids are impulsive by nature, Naruto even moreso.

He's just learning to interact with people properly, give him childlike interactions with other kids, Hinata especially if the obvious pairing hint pans out like a funny feeling I have is telling me it will. Your rushing through things so fast it's honestly boring.

Someone with a brain had to say it so I will. Theres no suspense, no wondering what is going to happen or how it will happen. No mythic struggles beyond inner conflict on how to brutally crush the opposition. Nothing jumps out about this fic. Theres nothing novel about it, I don't say this to discourage you, but you need to think about what you want this story to be, what you want to make us feel. Unless you've wanted us to feel whiplash anyway, story goes that fast we can't even process what were reading properly before it moves onto something else.

Take another look at the other fics you've read and think about how you can tweak ideas to better suite your own story while sticking with the godlike plot point. Make the arcs longer. The character development more indepth. The progression of plot slower. Stretch out fights to keep us hooked.

If this is for your own amusement that's fine, but if you actually want to write a quality story gain inspiration from the literal hundreds of thousands of authors that frequent fanfiction sites all across the web. Learn to pick out quality fics over amateur ones like Neonzangetsu if you like his work, mindZERO and his Naruto-Warlord fic. Don't settle for low quality work to derive inspiration. Look to the greats and do what you can to put your own unique spin on their ideas and make them your own.

Fanfiction is a nigh limitless land of imagination and potential. You just have to put it into words to describe YOUR view on it.

Personally I don't like the Naru/Hina pairing. Seen a relationship like that occur in real life with two people almost identical in personality to Naruto and Hinata. Let's just say it did NOT end well and reading the pairing brings up all those old skeletons that are better left buried. Don't get me wrong, I love hinata to death, but a relationship with Naruto can only end in heartbreak for a girl like her.

Unless you break through her shy demeanor with either a dozen thoroughly detailed chapter that goes through the events that change her, or halve the chapters but make them damn special. Because unless she's got the spine to ground Naruto and mellow him out the relationship is straight up doomed to crash and burn faster than Minato can say Hiraishin.
3/27/2019 c6 sharingankakashi007
Cool enough
But i do hope he travels to new universes
(This could be interesting with him holding himself back somewhat/getting actually ridiculously OP people to fight against)
Rather than gets ridiculously buffed enemies just because he's too OP
Still would be interesting to see if he fought Nagato at his full strength
With just his base stats
Sigh~~ even that is too unbalanced
Hope ya can make it work
3/2/2019 c6 Petersss
1/27/2019 c3 gohan90
Wow this is dumb.

I love gidlike Naruto stories but so far this story is just about numbers going up, we seen his stats increasing but why should we care? The stats don't mean anything, they are just numbers. You have to actually give some kind of scale, something to compare his stats to so we know how he stacks up against others. Of course it is clear that he is stronger than everyone else but the reader still needs something to compare against, otherwise the stats mean nothing and you wasted 3 chapters without giving any information.

Chapter 2 was especially dumb, you had him suddenly grow to 5'6"? You also mention he had grown almost a foot, so that means he was taller than 4'6" before any changes, so he started off more than a full foot taller than normal for his age and then grew another foot, he is 4 years old and more than 2 feet taller than he should be.
What is the point of that? I skimmed the later chapters and it doesn't seem to have done anything, he goes off to get ramen and it seems like no one notices he just grew more than 2ft,
Also in a later chapter you mention that Itachi is level 90 and Kakshi is level 100, Itachi is only about 5 years older than Naruto so he would be about 9 or so, based on canon that means he is still a genin. Itachi became chunin at 10 and then very soon after joined ABNU, at 13 he was in charge of an ANBU team. You have him at kage level at 9.
Kakashi was also not Kage level this early on.

I love gamer stories and I love godlike OP Naruto stories but this is just badly written, inconsistent, and much of it just doesn't make sense.
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