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for The Devil Wears White

9/11 c96 ASLlover1304
Why do I have a feeling that Luffy already knew? There’s no way he hadn’t smelt Haru’s scent if he had been in that facility two days ahead
9/5 c60 ASLlover1304
Now that I think of it doesn’t it make sense that the plates slip ? Since he’s made of rubber and when wet it would be hard to grab
9/3 c45 ASLlover1304
Luffy is just so adorable I can’t
8/31 c14 ASLlover1304
Oh thank goodness! Oh my! Luffy you’re such a smart child I love you ! <3 <3
8/31 c13 ASLlover1304
I’m gonna cryyyyyyy ….. welp here I go TT
8/31 c13 ASLlover1304
I hate it …. Why aren’t they going with him ?! And what is all thisdon’t talk to anyoneBS ?!
8/4 c1 beta tester beater
Ace calling luffys fruit boring is so funny cuz little does he know is Great 5 lmao
4/4 c100 Rose Narcissus
this was an amazing fiction, how to describe it I don't know...
when I finished it I hoped there will be a continue for Luffy's story and when I found it, that's made me so happy.
hope you be good and fine. so, you don't appear for a long time right now.
be good and come in as soon as you can to tell us that you are OK and Just be wait for you...
4/3 c98 paradoxreader
hahaha kinda shocked till now Luffy still hasn't used any of his gears or at least not shown him to use any with the whitebeards hahaha
3/3 c100 sdpuffy
A complete masterpiece
2/22 c31 Aedwards179
that means the other kids are gonna get dragged back there
1/6 c1 Dumb.kid001
Who cares about sleep? I’m gonna read all of this
12/29/2021 c93 Phoren
from what i can guess, SST means successful subject test and FST means failed subject test. Haru definitely succeed many experiments/tests.
12/11/2021 c99 7Callyra The Unstable
I've spent three days to complete this book, and it's a real emotional journey. The execution of facility and human experimentation idea was great! I love that you wrote all of the details in the beginning, cause some stories that I've found with similar idea usually never explained it in details. The character development's also really great, the way Sabo, Ace, and Luffy reacted to their freedom is realistic, that they need time to heal and overcome their traumas. Once again, this is a wonderful book!
12/7/2021 c100 1Cocoddr
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