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for Harry Potter: Self Insert

9/25 c1 Guest
Dropped three paragraphs in. I can already tell that the writing and execution of this fic will be subpar. Interesting premise but no hook in sight. Keep it up I guess. Try to emulate native speakers to improve the quality of your writing. Like they say practice makes perfect.
8/31 c1 Guest
Pretty weak writing and very lazy formatting so far.
6/27 c8 Steve
I prefer the original not sure why you need to change it as it was going fairly well from my point of view
6/27 c4 Devilking1994
From your description of Professor Aurora Sinistra I'd totally try and have a bit of fun with her not a relationship but more of a "teacher student special lessons" kinda thing you made her sound like a total hottie
5/28 c3 Mastersgtjames
The Grammar is honestly bad. Makes it hard to read.
Not a fan of MC just accepting hard-limits on his abilities. Like that he apparently can no longer improve his Metamorphmagic. Not even trying, or thinking of ways to unlock/improve it more.
3/28 c1 nicholas.gullestad
Dump your chapters in grammerly and use their suggestions then the reading experience would at least be adequate. You dont really have much of an excuse when there are programs/apps like that out there, as it is now one can't enjoy reading it.
3/20 c3 Sherodx
kinda robot fanfiction also I can see that your oc is a gary stu
3/20 c2 Sherodx
typical dude that buys awesome trunk but you will probably never use it like all other dudes that write fanfictions
2/11 c5 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Whoa...This story is pretty horrible and crappy even by Harry Potter fanfic standards. The grammar is so damn crappy as well.

Do you even try making a good story with your self-inserts? This is just a cringe "Power Fantasy".

It would have been alright if it was well-written with a somewhat good plot, but the worldbuilding of this story is just honestly not that good.

Everything seems so 'forced' and cliché that I'm not even gonna talk about the character interactions...Like holy hell this is the first time that I'm actually giving a bad review to a story.
2/8 c8 Vtonic
wtf just happened
2/4 c8 Guest
Yeah what an awful chapter lol no chance for me to comeback and read this like wtf was this? Did you truly think this would be a good idea for a chapter? Horrendous
2/4 c7 Guest
Yeah this story became boring as hell. It’s nonstop summaries of what is happening... zero character development
2/4 c6 Guest
Yeah idk this story started off good but its gone downhill since... zero dialogue, first time he used a broom you made it seem like he was a prodigy but doesn’t even make the first team when he tries out lol and him faking his intelligence is a cliche wuxia bs. If it doesn’t get better by the last chapter available then this won’t be kept in my tabs to read
2/4 c5 Guest
Another chapter and another flashback. You gotta stop
2/4 c4 Guest
The flashbacks and recaps ruin the flow of the story since they happen once or twice each chapter
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