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7/10 c3
why didn't Jacob follow her home instead of leaving her to drive ten miles in that broken down old truck alone? stupid !
7/10 c2
I would be more worried about the Volturi coming after her ass. Aro had to have read Edwards mind before he had him killed. He would also have seen the wolves in his mind. Edward was such a drama queen!
6/14 c11
Bella took them all back like it wasn't important. I couldn't have done that.
6/14 c7
Edward and Alice were both delusional asses. they wouldn't want Bella and Jasper to be mates because Edward didn't want Alice and Bella didn't know any better? assholes!
6/13 c6
yep, she lost it, poor thing.
6/13 c5
Bella is going to have a hard time if she doesn't remember that Alice and Edward are dead and she didn't love him anymore.
6/13 c4
poor Charlie, he's going to miss dinner tonight. great chapter lots of suspense. at least Victoria didn't get to torture her.
6/13 c1
Alice is, was, a piece of work.
2/12 c12 5SheWolfMedjai
Well this was alright. I don't care for the Cullen's being so easily forgiven and especially this Edward and Alice mate business. The plot is good but just a bit boring. It might have been nice to get some more bonding time between Jasper and Bella before her change. I do like how you made the bonding between the wolves and the vampires more realistic. Not a quick chat then BFFs.
7/11/2022 c11 keraatchley05
7/11/2022 c10 keraatchley05
7/11/2022 c9 keraatchley05
7/11/2022 c8 keraatchley05
7/11/2022 c7 keraatchley05
7/11/2022 c6 keraatchley05
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