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for Between Life and Death

7/11/2018 c1 4Mary the Canary
Wow! That last sentence especially was powerful. You depict Claude so well. I think, in his own, twisted way, he does love her, but above all he needs her to need him. I love how you wrote this scene; Claude, so desperate to make her need him, is willing to commit sin - murder, or attempt thereof - to gain her affections.
6/15/2018 c1 deletedaccountchanrip
Ah, Claude. Ever so tragically blind to your own hypocrisy until you've been dragged too far down by the clutches of human sinfulness. Funny how I, a person who just recently left Christianity, am so morbidly fascinated with the mind of this man who sort of represents some of the main prroblems I had with it that.

I really love this, I hope you'll continue it at some point, but no pressure. This also gave me an idea regarding the relationship between two characters in a story I'm working on and their interactions as they start to interact later on.

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