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5/18/2018 c1 6Lowknave
"Owl have you know this is no time for jokes or silly puns!"

Now, this is a different kind of story. Short, simple, filled with cheesy jokes. It isn't meant to present a meaningful plot, but it does give a brief chuckle or two. I think this story accomplishes what it is meant to do quite nicely.

I did my hardest to find any errors, but this time I'm either not looking hard enough, or there is none to point out. I suppose that should be too surprising with a short story. Well done, regardless!

This story is basically how Lasky would write such a scenario, minus the suggestive parts (but that's Lasky). The jokes are what you would expect coming from Ga'Hoole: cheesy, unoriginal, and clean. But that's actually quite authentic, I'm pretty sure that's how it would've been in the series.

The T-rating seems appropriate, there wasn't really anything too disconcerting to read at this level. Also fits the humor level you would expect (though with them Tipsy, I wonder how much further they could've gone . . .).

No wet-poop joke? 0/10. We all know that jokes about the inferiority of other birds digestive processes is just fine, but jokes against the inferiority of the lower species of owls apparently aren't. Unless Ga'Hoole got more politically correct and stopped making fun of them, which isn't too surprising either.

They sure did pick on Otulissa. Shame she wasn't there to do what I like to do with other drunk friends: manipulate them to do absurd things. Once you tell them they can break an object (such as an apple) with their forehead, there isn't a force on Earth that could convince them otherwise! (Besides the throbbing pain after several impacts) ;)

That moment when you remember Digger and Sylvana aren't mates yet (or in canon) . . . :(
I hate to point it out now, but talk about a wasted opportunity! You could've had a tipsy Digger (or Sylvana, even) confess their feelings towards the other despite the restraint they would've had while sober. All well, not a big deal, though some humor could've been derived from that!

I think that covers everything I had wanted to say. Any else would be somewhat repetitive and only drag on the review that much further. It was a fun read, gave some laughs, and was quite cheery in nature. Good story! I'm so glad you're taking every idea you can come up with and putting it down for all of us to read.

Now, before I go, may as well make you facepalm with some things I have to say!

Lasky doesn't give Pelli a backstory, Bluetech hates that, says she should have a backstory.
Near the end, when the owls are talking about their lives, Pellimore is of course not the center of the conversation.

The last sentence is implied the three couples stay up. Would've been humorous if while the other partner wanted to say up "for some additional activities" the other passes out, leaving the other to be somewhat flustered.

What else? Hmm . . . well, I can't think of anything, so I guess I'll just leave it at that! As I've said before, good story!

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