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for Cold Machines

6/3 c15 Eddie Riggs
I hope you continue this, I also hope you are well considering the conditions.
5/23 c14 4Dark The Bunny
The story is pretty good! The only thing that needs working on is parts of grammer. Other than that, it's amazing!
4/30 c15 5atomicsub927
looking forward to the next chapter!
4/11 c6 MarceloMuniz50
Greate history, Keep up with the good job
4/10 c15 Space boy
Fun fic, cant wait to see more of the geth
4/9 c4 icedshadows
to be frank I really love this chapter. I can't see why you would consider it garbage. it's amazing. like you.
3/31 c15 Fictional Liberator
I don't think the Geth had decent screen time on this chapter. I want to read more Geth scenes.
3/31 c4 Fictional Liberator
The chapter is fine, don't delete it.
3/3 c15 Guest
*Rapidly vibrates* I need more
2/26 c15 Big E
Humanity in a second ice age meet a robot alien, cool. They may be suffering now but atleast this means their safe from the Reaper harvest this cycle as they have no space faring vehicles and are not capable of making them so they in theory should be passed over until the next cycle.
2/19 c15 Death korps boi
For the sequel (If you do one) you could throw stellaris in and have humanity be a fanatic materialist authoritarian dictatorship and instead of biotics they have psionics and learn megastructures by being allied to the geth (who are already building one) later on, depends on how many years after It is, and would give you a tech path not reliant on eezo, sol could just be in a region of space with not a lot or none of It and have to develop other ways. For a stellaris player i always imagined frostpunk as a really cool Empire origin like a different take on the normal post-apocaliptic one.
2/15 c15 Dareth
Actually...very interesting!
2/14 c15 sebitor
this is going to be good
2/14 c15 bksniper1
Hi, Love this story. It is hard to find other mass effect/steampunk fics.
Will Geth help the city by giving/teaching them technology?
2/11 c15 Avora111
Stubbers? Is this an alternate version of Terra from Warhammer40k? If so you can go insane in some aspects of this story
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