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7/8/2020 c8 6RachelBarbraBerry1994
It's a shame that this never got finished, and since it been two/ three years since it's been updated; I don't think it will ever get finished. But, I'll be favoriting it anyway.
7/8/2020 c7 RachelBarbraBerry1994
Oh boy, what will happen next time?
7/7/2020 c6 RachelBarbraBerry1994
I'll have to check that song out sometime. I liked how it was just splattered through out the chapter.
I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/7/2020 c5 RachelBarbraBerry1994
Wow, I could totally see this scene on an actual episode if this show was continued!
7/7/2020 c4 RachelBarbraBerry1994
Oooooooooooooh boy, this is gonna be good.
7/7/2020 c3 RachelBarbraBerry1994
This chapter was soooooooo very sad.
On to reading the next chapter, it sounds soooo good!
7/7/2020 c2 RachelBarbraBerry1994
It's a shame that some things only get to be acted out through fanfiction.
7/7/2020 c1 RachelBarbraBerry1994
It's a real shame that this show was not continued. There have been a lot of shows over the years that have come to the same end that this show did.
It was a really good show!
But, this story sadly won't be completed. Why? You are soooo close to finishing it!
Oh well, I'll read/ favorite it anyways.
9/13/2018 c8 9linka53
Please tell me you're going to continue this? I know it's been a while and supposedly, it was cancelled, but based on your little sneak peeks, I assume you have more? This story actually seems plausible and I think you do a really good job of capturing the characters so I'd love to read more.
8/15/2018 c8 2Rickymon Gaming
when will there be a new chapter? I want to find out what happens next.
7/25/2018 c8 Rickymon Gaming
what happened to the new chapter?
7/18/2018 c8 dorvell
First off, I did indeed read the last chapter even though I didn’t review it. When it comes to reviews, I like to write things that don’t simply say some variation of “good chapter“ and “can’t wait for the next update“; I feel there’s more to say in reviews than just that.

Moving on, so much to say here!

First, I never imagined Simon’s mom would be the one to start a petition to get the drama department reinstated. I think you should have it go viral so it garners world wide support and media attention; throw this town who basically advocates censorship of things they don’t like into a worldwide spotlight. It will sure be interesting to see that unfold!

Second, major, major, major props to Lilette for standing up to her manager in the diner at the end! I really wanted to see him actually try something, though, so we could witness him getting beat down. Even though the guy backed down, I think she should still release the video evidence she has so as to not necessarily put the diner out of business, but have his ass taken out of the picture. Maybe, the diner could change hands and be run by someone with more dignity, for lack of a better word?

Also on the topic of Lilette, wasn’t expecting her mother to be there at the end and to have witnessed everything that went on in the diner during that time. Maybe she is, indeed, finally realizing just how much this group means to her daughter and how they are more like her family than, from what we know about her, she could ever dream of being? Here’s an idea, disgusting manager guy could be arrested and imprisoned based on the evidence she has as well as testimony from others, possibly including her mom, and Vanessa could become the new diner manager!

Glad everyone has been so supportive of each other regarding both the good times and the hardships. I really wish Mas, as I’ll call him because I can’t ever remember how to spell his name, would open up to everyone about what he’s dealing with as they are more of a family to him than he’s ever had. I know everyone is different, though, and that he will open up when or if he feels compelled to do so.

Looks like either Simon and his dad or Simon’s mom and dad are going to really get into it in the next chapter. I’d love to see both of them stand up to his dad, and maybe even have his siblings join in; they both love Simon just as much as his mother does, after all.

I said this at the beginning of the story, and I’ll say it again. Even though there are a couple chapters left in this, you should definitely consider turning this into a series of stories. Even after whatever happens in the next two chapters, I’m sure the characters will still have a lot of growing to do and i’d love to see where you could take them. That’s only if you feel you can continue after this is done, though; if you feel you’ve told the story that needs to be told, then that’s fantastic!

Hope you have fun on your vacation!
7/18/2018 c8 Guest
GO LILETTE! I love seeing powerful women kicking some ass! And I’m glad Mrs. Saunders decided to step out from her husband’s shadow and do right by her son! Can’t wait for the next chapter.
7/17/2018 c8 Maggie
Great chapter! Please keep them coming. I love how well thought out each character is in the story.
7/11/2018 c7 19chelseabsb93
Welcome back! Honestly this chapter was pretty good. I especially loved the conversation between Simon and his mother. It is so true...mom’s always know! Can’t wait to see how their relationship changes, especially once they bring his father into the mix.
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