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10/27 c69 Guest
10/27 c69 Scarletcream
Perfect for chapter 69 I suppose lol. Very blush inducing
10/27 c69 Lady Serenity Belladonna
well...that was a thing...I was switching between laughing and blushing.
10/27 c69 Sidero98
this is somehow so very on brand for Ruby, to not realise what she's doing at all, I have to admit it took me a few sentences before I realised how it sounded as well
10/26 c69 18Dragon and Sword Master
When Ruby Rose accidentally seduces Weiss by having several innuendos without realizing it. This actually sounds like a really amusing idea.
10/26 c69 54powerd
Alternate title: Ruby seduces Weiss by complete accident.
5/29 c59 4powerd
You're a monster, you can't just take a sledgehammer to my heart like that and then NOT follow up on it!
5/23 c68 18Dragon and Sword Master
ooh...Weiss as batman...I mean Batwoman and Ruby Rose as Robin...I like this idea! Hopefully you'll continue with it somewhere down the line because I'm highly HIGHLY intrigued...
5/20 c68 MarkingDownTheBooks
...I'll take an entire AU of this, please.
3/30 c67 hagancameron
3/29 c67 Dragon and Sword Master
Okay, this was cute and adorkable...just like these two usually are. Well done and thank you for the chapter
3/29 c67 44snoopykid
Marvelous like always! Thank you for the chapter!
2/15 c66 Brisngir
Okay, after basically non stop devouring all of your latest work over the past week or so, I just wanted to say that your stories are incredible and absolutely make my day. Sure, I might miss a little sleep from staying up to read them, but they're so funny and cute and well written that I just can't help it! What you're doing is amazing, and thank you so much for everything thus far.
2/10 c66 18Dragon and Sword Master
Never a day goes by when Weiss's father proves that he is an asshole. This was cute and wholesomely sweet.
2/8 c59 Demonicdueler
I thought I was done crying over "What Defines Us", apparently I was wrong. Beautiful chapter partner, hope you keep working this idea it is a fascinating one.
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