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7/23 c60 Paul Starhaven
Ah yes, serotonin. I'll take it. Adorable.
7/21 c60 Yazmo
Goodness, my heart. Gay disaster nearly struck again!
7/18 c59 Peter
Happy/conflicted to rejoin the world of what for me is the best of your stories
7/19 c59 5Jay aka Jordan
Phew I held back them tears
7/19 c59 18Dragon and Sword Master
I am quite honestly curious as to what this is a spin-off of because I don't recognize it right away, but holy crap is it deep and hurtful. I feel so bad for Weiss...
7/18 c59 Jonw40
How dare you make me cry!
7/18 c59 Nietmeg
Jesus Christ my heart was not ready for that just God you write so well! The emotions the feelings perfect!
7/18 c59 Charrz
Thanks for writing this chapter.
7/18 c59 GearTech
Amazing chapter. Makes me want to go reread the whole story for the forth time and cry all over again.
7/18 c59 2russellcreste
WOWZERS, I- I don't even know where to begin. Um? It's just the sneak peek but I'm already crying? Again? I'm looking forward to what else you have in store for this AU! It's like my feet won't stop bouncing now... WOW okay I need a second to breathe. I could already think of all the possibilities for this and I can't wait to see how you write them. Mh, I hope you don't feel pressured though. Whatever you write, I'll probably gush over for 6 months. Oddly specific, but also! This is getting long so BYE ILY YOU'RE THE COOLEST. Between you and me, you're a 7, too!
7/18 c59 mylittlesnowflake
I hate this game of emotions we play!
7/18 c59 russellcreste
It's 1 AM and I am sCREAMING. What did I do to deserve this
7/18 c59 SOA3Kayleigh
YES! please continue this arc! i have thought about this exact situation so many times and im so glad you've done this! Great chapter full of emotion (even if its sad). its actually really interesting to see more of what weiss was thinking and feeling right after the accident. keep up the great work!
7/16 c57 19Tear of Light
This one was very cute. Loved it. Great job.
7/16 c56 Tear of Light
Loved Kali and Ghira in this two parter. Great job on everything.
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