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10/23 c63 Paul Starhaven
Weiss and Ruby are quite assertive here. It do be quite a change from what I usually find here, so I dunno how to feel about that. But I will say it's an interesting route.
Thanks for the little tale.
10/22 c63 5Jay aka Jordan
That was funny as hell
10/22 c63 raizorshrp
dang, this is one of those great chapters that would totally work as a multi shot. excellent pacing and wonderful characterizations. I love it
9/24 c62 2Jerzu
I don't get what happening here but I'm intrigued.
9/8 c61 luvnanofate
Not much is said of Summer, but I can't help but feel some of this Summer might have been a part of the original. A nice job of putting together a great family setting. Thanks.
9/8 c60 luvnanofate
One sentence that answers two questions at once. Very cute! I just love WhiteRose! Thanks for the fun read.
9/8 c59 luvnanofate
I remember reading the complete WDU story and literally crying at multiple places within. So reminiscent of my own loss (though this was unfortunately a death) where unlike Weiss, I had no family or friends to rely on (only a bottle each night for an entire year). You write Weiss' trauma so well here, it's almost too scary for me to read. You bring out her pain, confusion or rather fear of not knowing what to do now. And Yang's pushed down pain that she pushesaside to keep up the brave front, yet finally admits to Weiss that she too can't deal with it all by herself. Mikotyzini, you are indeed one of the few great writers here who writing abilities can stretch from humor to heavy drama as well as other genres. Thanks once again for your hard work. (yes, I cried reading this one-shot as well!)
9/8 c57 luvnanofate
A great story! As a youngster growing up in the 60's and 70's gameshows and daytime soap operas were the rage for many stay-at-home parents (my horrid stepmother included). I have read other takes on this theme, but can't remember one involving the host and contestant. You set this up and executed perfectly as reading it I was curious how you would get them together, cause we know they have to end up together. Can't believe that I once again let time slip by and am having catch up multiple chapters, but such is my life. lol Thanks again!
9/6 c61 19Tear of Light
This one was beautifully written. I really love pieces like this. Keep up the great work!
8/31 c62 1ftwwtf
this was wonderful, I want to read more!
8/26 c62 Guest
This was a fine chapter. But i want more cute stuff. This chapter hurts my heart and makes me sad. The show already makes me sad too much
8/26 c62 Scarletcream
Super interesting world building in this one. I’m really curious about these hunters and the mark on Weiss.
8/25 c62 Nietmeg
What a great read! Love the darker theme
8/25 c61 Jambrainbeast
I don't know about anyone else but I am definitely hooked on the idea of a longer story based off of this.
8/19 c61 Paul Starhaven
Mggh *stretches*, I return from vacation from the conclusion of Conflict of Interest to be smacked by great sweet stuff. Not that I mind in the slightest.
The proposal was excellently pulled off, I had to leave an recompose myself.
Okay yeah, besides all that, lemme try a review.
Great premise, Summer being around makes for a very interesting dynamic, much lighter and happier, definitely, and the added resolution of Raven's side from it makes it even more so.
She is fun, tricksy, and a great parent and in general a person I would want to be friends with. The awe that her presence inspires is dotted throughout the story, so it's a developed side bit I found interesting.
While the basis was Ruby and Weiss, everyone did get their fair share of spotlight, and I appreciate that.
In essence, 'twas great, and would read more. I like this storyline.
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