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9/11/2019 c46 2Anne the Fire
They are so stinkin cute in this! I love it.
9/3/2019 c41 luvnanofate
Miko, this story is so awesome. I can't really explain it in words, but maybe its just so Bumblebee. Thank you.
9/2/2019 c35 luvnanofate
Sometimes its so hard to think of Ruby so calm, cool and collected. Miko, you write of Ruby and Weiss' love for each other so well it, to borrow your line, takes my breath away. Thanks.
9/2/2019 c34 luvnanofate
Just one of many reasons there is no one better for Weiss than Ruby. I hope they don't try and match Ruby with Oscar or Jaune in the show, I would be devastated!
8/30/2019 c30 luvnanofate
WDU is such a great story, and I was hoping for something like this. Thanks.
8/30/2019 c29 luvnanofate
Now I know what me and mine are doing for Halloween!
These are great little short shots mikotyzini. I got behind but now I'm catching up on my reading.
8/30/2019 c17 luvnanofate
WhiteRose, what can you say...perfection.
8/30/2019 c16 luvnanofate
Go Bumblebee! About time ya crazy kids! I like the part where Blake thinks to herself how Yang treats her as a partner with value and respect and then...bam, the kiss. Excellent.
8/29/2019 c45 18Dragon and Sword Master
Please continue this...it's quite good
8/29/2019 c45 2GrnDrgnzrd
Yup. She's in trouble. Lol. There's a lot of drama and comedy that could come from this. See you next chapter.
8/29/2019 c45 Skylenerys
This better not be just a one-shot

Also I just loved the way Ruby is able to flirt for once. Yang's lessons have paid off
8/28/2019 c45 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. It was quite interesting to read Ruby go about looking for a vocalist for her band. Very amusing how Weiss appeared to talk to Ruby about it or more like insult her efforts in a way. It was amusing to read how the conversation went about to argument and then a subtle way of flirting according to Blake. Even more so as Ruby is unsure about what to do now. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
8/28/2019 c45 Ben113
This needs to be a thing! I loved it!
8/28/2019 c45 Nekojules
please, there should be a part 2 to this :3
8/28/2019 c45 1therandompers
Only the cast of rwby could pull that off lol.
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