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7/7/2019 c43 18Dragon and Sword Master
I want to see what the choices are that they picked out for Blake and Yang now...
7/5/2019 c43 2Anne the Fire
Aww this was cute! I saw a thing for Volume 7 and it looks like everyone has got new outfits that seem warm so this is perfect timing. Plus I love the subtle flirting that's happening.
7/5/2019 c43 2GrnDrgnzrd
Adorable. See you next chapter.
7/4/2019 c43 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Very amusing at the beginning of the chapter as the whole team minus Weiss was freezing in the Atlas weather. Not to mention how Yang and Blake went directly to a department store to warm themselves. It was endearing to read how Ruby didn’t want Weiss to take off her cloak or when Weiss picked a coat for Ruby. Even more so when they looked at a mirror to see how they looked. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
7/3/2019 c43 Shadow15951
This started out great with Ruby's description of the cold and only got more preciously adorable from there. It's also cemented my desire to see a little shopping trip in the next volume. And it's also also made me want to see some adorable fanart of this scene, with Weiss in Ruby's cloak and Ruby in the jacket in Weiss' colors (I think I'm picturing her SnowPea outfit from vol 2)
6/28/2019 c20 10Firestar001
Awww. I was really hoping to see more of this JUMANJI adventure.
6/28/2019 c6 Firestar001
Is it weird if I can see this in one of the more odd-looking RWBY Chibi type of things?
6/27/2019 c42 19Tear of Light
This was a great piece. Lol. Leave it to Blake to bail Yang out of a tough situation. Hehe. Great job on these. Keep it up!
6/27/2019 c41 Tear of Light
Meow! If only all of us can hook up like that, am I right? XD Great job on this one.
6/27/2019 c39 Tear of Light
Perfection. This was awesome! Loved it. :)
6/27/2019 c38 Tear of Light
Loved this one. Spy!Blake is always fun!
6/27/2019 c36 Tear of Light
Awww, very cute. :)
6/27/2019 c33 Tear of Light
Lol. Had a good laugh at this one. Great job! :)
6/27/2019 c29 Tear of Light
Lol. Cheeky Weiss! Gotta love it. Great job on this one. XD
6/27/2019 c24 Tear of Light
A very cute chapter. :)
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