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7/18 c59 mylittlesnowflake
I hate this game of emotions we play!
7/18 c59 2russellcreste
It's 1 AM and I am sCREAMING. What did I do to deserve this
7/18 c59 SOA3Kayleigh
YES! please continue this arc! i have thought about this exact situation so many times and im so glad you've done this! Great chapter full of emotion (even if its sad). its actually really interesting to see more of what weiss was thinking and feeling right after the accident. keep up the great work!
7/16 c57 19Tear of Light
This one was very cute. Loved it. Great job.
7/16 c56 Tear of Light
Loved Kali and Ghira in this two parter. Great job on everything.
7/16 c54 Tear of Light
Really loved this chapter. Weiss was just so charming! Great job on this one.
4/20 c58 18Dragon and Sword Master
By desperate, I thought that you meant sex, but a kiss was a much better event. It was quite funny to see Sun of all people trying to give her advice, but then again this is Sun Wukong so...
4/18 c58 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Quite amusing what was taking place as Blake had such thoughts while on the end of her date with Yang. Even more so when Yang couldn't see the signs on what Blake wanted to happen at the end of their date. Asking Sun for help was hilarious as he gave Blake advice that she already tried and didn't seem to work out very well if the attempts at the door was anything to go by. Finally reached a head when she went to see Yang herself to get things straightened out. It was endearing to read Yang's reasoning to why she did the things that she did, but it would seem Blake is all passed that and needs Yang now. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
4/17 c58 5Jay aka Jordan
Yang you had our sis Blake waiting waiting
4/14 c57 CM960
Honestly, I thought the idea of a game show fic kinda made me want to not read, but wow. That was the exact opposite of what I expected. You continue to blow my mind every time you post a new fic/ chapter. Well done.
4/11 c57 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Quite the amusing game show that Yang is a host to as well as Ruby being the producer. Even more so when Yang could not stop looking at contestant Blake when she first appeared. It was quite the interesting game show with Yang doing her job to set Blake up with one of the three bachelors behind the doors. It was endearing to read how Yang and Blake interacted with one another during the breaks though for them to know each other a bit better while the game also progressed. It would seem Yang knew how to answer all the questions that were asked. Nicely done with how Yang and Blake were able to go on a date themselves despite Sun winning, but he was a good sport about the situation that was presented to him. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
4/10 c57 4Darknight2124
Nuuu come on we atleast gotta see the first date. This was soo good
4/8 c57 Guest
I looooved this chapter! So sweet!
4/9 c57 210neWhoWanders
I loved this chapter!

In my head, Blake lost a best to Weiss. Weiss in turn is dating Ruby and had bet Ruby that she could find Ruby's sister the perfect person to date.

So, Weiss is the supreme mastermind behind everything!

Once more, this was a lot of fun. Nothing better than gameshow romance.
4/8 c57 18Dragon and Sword Master
You know...going into this stand alone one-shot, I thought I was going to hate it, since I am not a fan of these types of game shows for the very reason that Yang comments at the end here; how can a few questions and comments here and there lead to a relationship? However, I shouldered on because its Yang and Blake (I assume Weiss was the friend Blake lost the bet to) and kept reading.

Bachelor #1: As soon as you mentioned Blue hair, I knew that it was Neptune. I had a feeling it was when you had him say he doesn't dance (call back to vol 2) but that was what sold me.

Bachelor #2: I...I honestly thought it was Jaune at first due to the answer of him being stuck in a vending machine and no pants. Then you mentioned 'Mr. Abs Fun Guy' and realized it had to be Sun. You worried me a little there when you had Blake pick him (you devil you) but the conclusion was well done.

Bachelor #3: Obviously Adam. No brainer here.
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