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4/4 c56 EndlessChains
Well done chapters. Quite the interesting universe created with humans being at the bottom of the food chain. It was endearing to read how Blake and Yang interacted with one another though as there was clear love between the two. It was amusing to read how they reacted to Blake's parents coming home though and Yang tried to escape from the inevitable meeting, only to find herself in front of Kali. Nicely done with how Yang and Blake went through breakfast with how Kali initiated the conversations that followed. It was endearing how Yang and Blake supported one another as well as Kali and Ghira giving their blessing for the relationship. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
4/2 c56 Paul Starhaven
Oh phew. When the situation began I was so nervous with how it'd play out, I had to kinda just stop reading this now and again before continuing, it really had me contending with more emotions in an hour than what I have in a day. And the missing underwear was one of the main concerns I had. Well, it went stupendously well, and even that concern just became a part of the lewd and...well, at least the parents didn't notice.
I think I'll give the reading a break for a bit. Nice job with the writing, have a great week.
4/1 c56 18Dragon and Sword Master
This was cute. Very cute. Diabetes level of cuteness...and yet I would read these two chapters again. Maybe more if you feel up to it
4/1 c21 YuukiAsuna-Chan
I kinda want to see how Ruby's party would have turned out if it went ahead.
3/31 c56 5Jay aka Jordan
Awwwww! This was cute
3/31 c54 Power Taco
This is sort of begging for an extension I think.
3/31 c55 luvnanofate
Nice one Yang! I wonder if a Jacques Schnee would exist in a world such as this? Maybe, if he was a faults?
Thanks for another funny episode, Mikotyzini!
3/30 c44 RF2
oh god. this is so hard to read because i could TOTALLY imagine weiss being this awkward omfg. ah, the things you do for love.
3/25 c55 Fans del Yuri
3/25 c55 Jay aka Jordan
Lmaooo GG Yang
3/25 c55 18Dragon and Sword Master
I need part 2...now. Please?
3/25 c55 Paul Starhaven
Ahahaha! Wonderful ending there! Emotions aplenty, quite a bit lewd but with the last minutes of panic I couldn't help but laugh.
3/24 c55 Nightcore25
Priceless...freaking priceless, I love it!
3/24 c55 3warningmastertc
well shit. I have a feeling this is going to be interesting hopefully Blake's mom is chill. keep up the great work
3/24 c55 Kuchenjaeger
Aw man, that ending is such a tease! Hopefully we wont have to wait too long :D
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