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3/24 c55 Kuchenjaeger
Aw man, that ending is such a tease! Hopefully we wont have to wait too long :D
3/24 c55 LastCorsair
Bets on Kali deliberately waiting outside Blake's window to catch her 'guest?'
3/15 c54 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. Quite the interesting one to read with how Ruby faked having a girlfriend to get Yang from worrying about her. It was amusing to read how Ruby did meet with Weiss in the restroom and how the two connected with one another in there. It was endearing to read how Weiss was willing to help Ruby out to meet Yang and Blake despite just meeting one another that day. Nicely done with how the two were able to collaborate with one another on how to spin the story of Weiss being Ruby's girlfriend. It would seem this first meeting was the start for the two as they will continue to meet one another it would seem. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
3/10 c54 2Lath Sulevin
This chapter is adorable, and if you ever get the plot bunnies for a continuation, I would be very happy to read it
2/12 c54 4Darknight2124
Awww why does this one have to be a one shot... Sadface
2/11 c54 18Dragon and Sword Master
Okay...I want this to be a story. Because I can totally see Ruby and Weiss doing this. You're so good at these one-shots!
2/10 c54 2russellcreste
This totally just made my morning. Their interactions were adorable as usual and I love how you write them! Hoping to see more of this
2/10 c54 Jhawkins253
Better than a movie
2/10 c54 5Jay aka Jordan
This def needs a continuation loved it
2/10 c54 Zhana
Absolutely love the spur-of-the-moment fake date trope, and their first meeting and talk, Weiss deciding to swoop in on Ruby (and sweep her off her feet) and then pretty much ask her out after, it's so cute!

Would LOVE more of this AU
2/10 c54 Nightcore25
I WANT MORE OF THIS! ug...*sighs* I love your writing.
2/10 c54 jake97531
My lord this is so cute,,,
I love the way they hit it off so well right from the start ;w; and it looks like they both got feeling blooming already jdnjdss
Everything fits in so well im feeling all soft inside ;w;
I haven't really read rwby story lately but this? Oh this is beautiful sjdnsjs i can always count on you to bring back my interest kdndkd thank you so much for an amazing story ;; all of them! Im so grateful to you ;;
1/15 c53 18Dragon and Sword Master
i loved this chapter and now I wonder if you have a sequel for "Oh God...She's Hot" in the works. Even if you don't, then this was a great addition.
1/10 c53 EndlessChains
A well done chapter. This was absolutely endearing to read with how each couple would interact with one another, especially when it came to the White Rose couple. It was interesting and amusing to read how they were looking for gifts as well as spoke about Weiss spending a lot of money for Ruby's gift before Christmas. It was a wonderful after story as it would seem Blake and Weiss officially moved to Vale and are having a lot of fun with their girlfriends when it came to spending the holidays with one another. It was amusing at some points of the story like when Ruby and Yang were jealous of the elves or when Ruby and Weiss had to go back to the bookstore. It was an even more amusing end to the story with how Weiss was able to work around not getting anything for Ruby for Christmas. Thank you. keep up the good work.
1/6 c53 GearTech
This chapter was amazing! I need so much more from the "Oh God She's Hot" universe.
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