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for You're A Faded Moon (Stuck on a Little Hot Mess)

6/22/2018 c1 Guest
Please update. I'm losing it! Love.
6/21/2018 c2 Guest
I need to read more of this. Please continue soon. I hope you understand my desperation.
6/9/2018 c1 Guest
Please try to update soon.
6/6/2018 c1 Sari
'Who would you die for' the song by bon jovi. XO. Maybe it's not your kind of music just I relate the songs with klayley. That's all. Sari.
6/6/2018 c1 Sari
This fic interests me and hope to read more of the a/u. Klayley are otp always and forever. There are some songs I listened and reminds me of klayley klope klaylope they are old but I want it to share with you if you could take a listen if you want and have time in your busy life. The songs are 'blind love' by bon jovi 'fingerprints' by bon jovi 'the distance' by bon jovi 'who would you die for'. Thanks and waiting for next. X O.
5/26/2018 c1 Guest
The author of "Our child" is jasminefiori.
5/26/2018 c1 Guest
I am open to this au and hope you share it with us as soon as you can. It has the potential to be a fantastic story. In Originals Fanfiction Archive there's a one shot of klayley an a/u of season 3 episode one titled " Our child ".
5/23/2018 c2 Mariam
Good idea and good plot. Let's wait till next chapter.
5/23/2018 c1 Guest
I'm dying to know more about this promising story.
5/22/2018 c2 Guest
Certainly I will read it. It's klayley! And I like the storyline!
5/22/2018 c2 Guest
Count me in. Hope your writing flows. XO.
5/22/2018 c2 Guest
I think it's a wonderful idea so write on!
5/22/2018 c1 Qaye
I like this idea . I'm a feverish klayley fan so yes! I'd like to read about their life with the witches and klaus's wolf. .
5/22/2018 c2 Catalina
I am eager for this story.
5/21/2018 c2 Guest
Love love love. Carry on!
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