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for The Right to Live

12/1/2019 c35 Chichu
Can you please continue writing (;-;) ? I have just found this and it's the best 24 hours fanfiction i've read before.
11/17/2018 c1 Sherry843
oh dear, the break is so long~ I hope you'll come back soon.
10/19/2018 c39 Guest
This is sooooo good. I really hope you are continuing.
9/26/2018 c39 Guest
Jack Bauer!
9/24/2018 c3 Sherry843
Hi amacma, when can I expect a new chapter~ Miss you. Miss this.
8/17/2018 c37 Sherry843
desperate to see where it goes!
8/5/2018 c34 Guest
oh dear ! I'm soooo eager to see what will happen from here! I guess a writter wrote Freedom and Power has a great deal of surprises! can't wait
6/29/2018 c12 16Jaudreylover24
Wow! You've been busy! This story is so good. I can't wait to see where it goes from here!
6/27/2018 c9 Guest
Please write more of this story soon.
6/18/2018 c8 Jaudreylover24
I love this story! Sorry for not reviewing earlier. Please write more soon; I really want to know what's going on!

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