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for Looking into the Mirror

9/20/2018 c11 Shelly
This is a fun read! Trying to keep the timeline, the Logans, and the previous Wyatt and Lucy storylines straight must be tough but I am enjoying your hard work! Nicely done!
8/9/2018 c8 framework4
Nicely done. I’m enjoying your tale. Sad they canceled the show, pity they never figured out that they were going to an alternate timeline each time they went back. And returning to the current year but still in the alternate timeline.
8/7/2018 c8 LyattRocks
Ahhh! Wyatt better not die! Anyways loved it! Can't Wait !
8/4/2018 c8 100Sarrabr4
DaMN YOU! I can’t believe you left us hanging like that. Wyatt can’t die on the way to getteing Rufus back. I refuse to believe that they won’t suceed in both of their tasks
7/14/2018 c6 LyattRocks
I am so disappointed NBC cancelled another awesome series! I was hoping we get a chance of another season with the ending we got but I guess they didn’t want to give it a chance! I just wish shows are able to continue by how many fans love it and not by ratings! Anyways I am loving the direction you are going with this! I hope Lyatt/Jiya can save Rufus! I really hope Flynn/Future Lyatt are able to get Amy back as well! I so want to see the surprise/shock on Emma’s face when that happens! Anyways can’t wait for the next chapter!
7/13/2018 c6 Pecos Bill
Very exciting story. Congrats
7/13/2018 c3 Brown Bear
Great stuff... Of they ever make the movie you should be the lead writer!
7/13/2018 c6 Shelly
This is a fun story. I'm curious on how you plan to get Amy back and save rufus. Keep the updates coming!
6/2/2018 c4 LyattRocks
I love how Future Lyatt are with each other! I also love how Present Lyatt seem to be finding their way back to each other! I love the Connor and Jiya interaction! I was wondering if Emma would have to answer to Rittenhouse for killing Keynes and Carol! I hope they don’t succeed in bringing Lucy and Rufus to their side! Anyways I loved this as always! Can’t wait for more!
5/31/2018 c4 Sarrabr4
Just read all four chapters. I like you’re turn of events and it must be hard to write both couples in the same scenes. Great job
5/26/2018 c3 LyattRocks
I really have no idea why I’m just now reviewing this chapter! I'm glad that you decided to give Flynn his family back! Love that Present Lyatt knows about Future Lyatt and now they don't have to keep it a secret! Now I’m curious to see how you get Rufus and Amy back! I always wanted to read a story to see how Amy and Wyatt would interact if they ever met! Hopefully get to see that in this one! Hope we don’t have to wait long for the next one!
5/23/2018 c3 musiqueismyjam1041
I love this story so far. I like how you didn’t make future Lyatt keep their relationship a secret.
5/21/2018 c2 greeneyes87
Yep, I’m down! I’ll take chapter 1 and 2 with a side of 3 to 12 and add a couple returns, one Rufus and one Amy. A scoop of Flynn getting his fam jam back, and a lying ex-wife behind bars. Thanks so much
Look forward to more. ;)
5/21/2018 c2 20future-fangirl
I'm glad Lucy got some hope for the future
5/19/2018 c1 LyattRocks
Yes! I am just happy to see more stories of Present and Future Lyatt interacting! I am also hoping that Future Lyatt are together and was able to work out things out which gives hope for Present Lyatt to work things out after the whole Jess mess! I love how you brought Amy into this! I mean if they could bring Rufus and Jess back they should somehow be able to bring Amy back despite what Emma might have done! Plus, I love to see more stories where Wyatt finally meets Amy or them interacting! Now I can’t wait to see how they save Rufus! Loved this! Can’t wait for the next one!
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