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for A Will or Away

7/21/2018 c13 5Dr. Robin
Kudos to Dr. Wherren! Thank you for creating a doctor that shows respect like that for his patients. As a nurse, it's refreshing to see something like this. Great disclaimer, too! :D
7/18/2018 c23 PatternOfDarkness
Another great chapter. I'm excited to see how JJ and Emily's relationship develops. Will just keeps digging his hole, lol.
7/14/2018 c19 PatternOfDarkness
Two chapters in one day? Awesome! Thanks so much! I love this story.
6/16/2018 c17 12USCutie15
The interaction between Hotch and Emily was funny haha! You're the best!
6/16/2018 c16 USCutie15
Awwww! That's so cute!
6/16/2018 c15 USCutie15
You're amazing baby!
6/16/2018 c14 USCutie15
6/8/2018 c15 Guest
Thank goodness for Emily! Always there for Jennifer! Thanks for the quick update! Can’t wait for some Jemily Love!
6/6/2018 c13 USCutie15
Dr. Grumpy pants, although he's right, but shhhh! You're the best baby!
6/6/2018 c12 USCutie15
Awww! _ You're amaaaaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!
6/6/2018 c11 USCutie15
Oh no! :(
5/31/2018 c10 USCutie15
Yay to the gay! Well, technically bi but shh! :P I looooooove it, just as always :D
5/31/2018 c9 USCutie15
Awww! You're amazing .
5/31/2018 c8 USCutie15
Yay! Emily found out! :D
5/28/2018 c8 penny.robinette.90
I'm surprised that Emily didn't beat the crap out of Will and/or shoot him! Can't wait for him to get what's coming to him!
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