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11/14/2020 c1 FearlessShawn
Excellently written! I love this!

I hope this finds you well.
11/5/2020 c1 64Loopylou
I really enjoyed this!
4/4/2020 c1 30cosette141
I love this! It’s funny, just the other day I was thinking to myself how I wish Eliot and Sophie had a better clearing of the air than they did with her almost-apology. And I also never realized how much I’d love to see what happened that night after Nate got KO’d by the cookie sheet, and how the team decided to get back together again. This is exactly how it would have happened! :) I also love Hardison’s “dear old ‘it’s been fun but I’m not a thief’ Nate” xD great job with this!
10/6/2018 c1 Cathie johnson
Thanks for coming up with a conversation
that should have taken place.
10/6/2018 c1 20blueskydog
This is a great exportation of character. I love the narrative from Sophie's perspective, and I can really hear her voice in your words.
I love Eliot as sheepdog, gently but firmly guiding his team.
I also appreciate that you point out how It's unusual that Parker forgave Sophie so quickly. Out of all of them, it seems like Parker should have the hardest time trusting Sophie again, aside from Eliot.
I also like how Sophie wants this breif reunion as an opportunity to get the team back together. I hadn't thought of it from that angle. Also Sophie's anger at Nate's declaration. Of course he'd be an arrogant prick at their first reunion in months!
Eliot's real reason for being mad is very in-character. I hadn't thought much about this aspect either...his loyalty and the nature of it are heartbreaking.
Another superb story! It looks like I've missed out on a couple so I'll be reading those soon:)
8/5/2018 c1 13Nvrmore
Nicely done! I like!
7/14/2018 c1 7Herdcat
I loved this story - wonderful portrayal of the tensions between Eliot and Sophie and I hadn't really thought about the danger Eliot especially had been in when Sterling sent Quin after him, but I suppose he easily could have been killed. The detail about Sophie being scared of Eliot and hiding it was especially interesting.
6/6/2018 c1 8Pacacapa
"A very tenacious onion." There are so many perfect metaphors in here, but this one stuck out as funny, concise, and extremely accurate. You are a masterful writer, and this piece is no different. You nailed both Sophie and Eliot, as always, and I am glad you stuck with this despite its difficulties because it turned out magnificently. I wondered if you would give the reference to the Bible verse you used, and I am so happy you did! It is absolutely perfect for this story. I never really connected it to Eliot, but you're right. Underneath all of the anger and grouchiness he shows the team, there's never any doubt of his love because of the sacrifices he is willing to make for them. Very well done, and quite a satisfying conclusion to some of the emotional threads left hanging between Leverage's breakup and reunion. As always, looking forward to your next story!
5/19/2018 c1 24sapienlover
YES! It's here and I can finally read it! And I'm so pleased I did. Eliot, the watchful guard-wolf, keeping his team well within his watchful gaze (a couple of puppies - I LOVE the visual), and Sophie, wonderfully astute and insightful, and her thought about the Eliot he SHOULD have been ... the teacher or small-town doctor - the Eliot taken by a darkness that could have easily eaten him up and spat him out and that he had the least to gain and the most to lose by joining the team. And, heart-achingly, all he had to offer was his life for theirs. The clock ticking ... because Eliot's past WILL catch up with all of them. A measured and poignant insight into the dynamic between Sophie and Eliot, which I've always loved, and beautifully illustrated. Thank you.
5/19/2018 c1 hendriejoseph694
i loved this story you have here.
and thinking to myself and asking if you are going to show more of eliot world to the team like his past military and also his wet work for the higher ups in the black ops goverment asking for his skills to do a job or his input about something also eliot helping other military members like shelly and vance and still able to work with them and not have to worry about other members looking to lock him up . what about other contacts eliot shown he has also able to have on hand about people or things nate or sophie want to know about also what about monoral his former boss and eliot telling nate to let it go also what about are the on cam phone call and after its cut eliot looks to nate and not say a word but walks away i all ways have this feeling he didnt just waited for nate but went down to the bar and started making his own phone calls to contact or people who owned him fovors for jobs or saving them or just past good friends right ...

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