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1/6/2022 c12 Ann
Whoa, didn't see that coming! Though maybe I should have.
6/15/2021 c10 Loveanimelove
You might want to record this story as a crossover
1/18/2021 c10 20Ossifragus
I LOOOOVVEEEE this story. (Although I also hate it because it made me realise how my own stories are crap...)

Please please please continue!(also, could I just add I would rather this didn't turn into a crossover because it would be pretty confusing and mainly I don't know any of the other animes you mentioned...)
2/7/2020 c10 1ken black sword
wel I like your story and hope you're well now please update soon and well it will be really confusing for the fanfic to suddenly turn crossover so try not really mending in other animes too much please
1/22/2020 c10 Serena-Abarai
By Gods woman just keep going i wanna know what happens next
9/23/2019 c10 8Faeyre
wahhhhhhh and well... ummmmmm BNHA? I guess you'd have to change this to a crossover then. I knew there was something with those Quirks! :) And hopefully the Chibi will be saved. YAY
9/23/2019 c9 Faeyre
Woah you're going to America? That's cool :D
Or, maybe because this was published a bit earlier, you're already there? (Great story by the way)
9/23/2019 c10 Noisesechos
Noooo ! Do not make a crossover please.
Btw your story is really good so please carry on.
9/22/2019 c10 4DaughterOfLoki1
So I wasn't confusing Chisaki's name with someone else's. When I read the last chapter all I could think of was: Wait... why does that name sound so familiar? Hang on isn't that the name of the guy, who experimented on Eri?! I was so confused it made my head hurt.

I wouldn't mind a crossover between BSD and BNA. I've been really into the idea that Dazai is Aizawa's nephew. I'd love for Deku to meet Atsushi, Akutagawa and the others.
9/22/2019 c10 5wolfrunnerable12
You screw with Chu-Chu, you screw with Dazai. WHY has nobody figured this simple fact out yet!? Oh yeah that's right! It's because we must be entertained and what is more fun then watching Soukoku clean house? Nada! Lol.
9/22/2019 c7 wolfrunnerable12
Is it...wrong possessive Dazai is sweet to me? I think something may be wrong with me lol.
9/21/2019 c5 wolfrunnerable12
I love these four idiots so much. They are precious babes that need love!
7/3/2019 c9 Quelqu'un
Love this fanfiction, hope you won't give up on it!
3/24/2019 c8 6DGtnsl
OH MY GoD! It makes sense that Chuuya would have had /some/ family before he was taken by scientists and ended up a god's vessel, but then it would have also made sense he was an orphan. He could still be an orphan, but he's now got a sister he never knew about - who obviously knew about her missing (probably presumed dead) older brother. He must be from a line of spiritually powerful individuals or something. (At the very least, the scientists must think Chuuya's 'success' in containing Arahabaki could be replicated with a close blood relative.)
What an interesting take on the Book! I can't wait to see if Arahabaki is correct and it /was/ fashioned from Izanami's head. What an interesting meeting with Arahabaki, by the way! I loved the stars part and the shifting black-and-red entity that was Arahabaki's 'physical' form.
3/24/2019 c7 DGtnsl
Oh shit, Akutagawa found out first! (Probably a good thing) I wonder if Akutagawa will sprint back to HQ to report Chuuya's disappearance or if he'll spill the beans to someone else first.
Dazai went to talk to Odasaku. Aw, he does use that man as a moral compass, even when he's not alive.
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