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for A Dream Within a Dream

6/25/2020 c13 34Mistress Twist
These dreams! My goodness! Funny, uplifting and something that would only happen at the 4077th!
6/25/2020 c12 Mistress Twist
Oh Kellye! What a "dream" for sure!
4/30/2020 c11 Mistress Twist
Definitely an odd twist of dreams! Wow! Thank God a dream though because there is absolutely no way that would happen. They're wayy too different!
Great imagination and scenario which is why I love this story!
1/24/2019 c9 Mistress Twist
I love how this dream was a bit of a reality check for Hawkeye! Very profound revelation in a sense!
Wish we did see more of Margie- such a small role!
9/11/2018 c8 Guest
Haha, what a dream for Margaret! I'm trying to think back and see if Margaret and Duke conversed at all in the book. If they did, it was only in the O.R. or when the Swamp rats were up to no good!

Simple... but weird fantasy!
8/3/2018 c7 Mistress Twist
I can somehow see this 'dream' happen in reality for Spearchucker! He and Ginger make a cute pair. I think your most powerful line (even though I do understand the context in here) was "We can stand together, against them". It has so many different interpretations, and that really stuck out to me. It's a shame we didn't get more stories of these two (not necessarily together).

Apologizes again for taking so long to get to this, but it was worth it!
7/6/2018 c6 Mistress Twist
Wow! You were right, definitely a different direction, but in a good way! Interesting concept.
7/3/2018 c5 Mistress Twist
Wow... Painless sure cannot get a break from life! This seems like something that would happen to him. Even in a dream he can't win! Gotta love him!
Question though (and I know this is a dream sequence so anything can happen with anyone) but wasn't Henry's Leslie named Leslie Scroch? Dish was only featured in the Pilot episode.
6/2/2018 c4 Mistress Twist
What a twisted dream! That would be something that could happen to Henry!
5/25/2018 c3 1goodbye my love
really nice chapter and thank you for the update
5/23/2018 c2 goodbye my love
Really good chapter and thank you for the update
5/21/2018 c1 goodbye my love
really story so far and look forward to the next update
5/20/2018 c1 34Mistress Twist
Hmmm, I like it! Is this going to be a continuation or will you do other characters?
That would be an interesting series!
5/20/2018 c1 7bobcatwriter
very very interesting, I can't wait to see how this one turns out. Please continue

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