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6/13/2018 c1 3May525
I'm a fist timer to your fanfic(I think). And I like it so far!
6/12/2018 c2 God Of Twilight
"A plushie. This clan had plushies? And no one had thought to give one to her?" XD

Great chapter! I'm glad to see we're moving through the years quickly - can't wait to see all the action Hashira and Yanemaru will experience at the edge of her childhood.

On another note - Izuna! And his mom! (I don't believe we knew her in the last story?). Looks like Izuna and Hashira are actually getting off to a good start in contrast to their rougher original relationship. Is this dynamic going to change? I wouldn't be surprised if it did given how more complicated their lives are gonna be. Either way, I really liked how the two meshed together last time and I can't wait to see how you'll do it now.

Looks like your doing great so far! I'm super psyched to see Madara and the rest of the cast from before :) What's your update schedule btw? Don't push yourself and good luck!
6/12/2018 c2 3Nightshadegirl
whoa, did kuro place a genjutsu on hashira? does he not want hashira a part of the ninja life style?
6/12/2018 c1 Nightshadegirl
wow, so hashira can't remember her past life, maybe something will jog her memories in later years, if not then maybe it's for the best that she doesn't remember.
6/12/2018 c2 jotitoboy
Great chapter, thanks autor
6/12/2018 c1 JuggernautJJ
Thank you for this nice birthday present
6/12/2018 c2 2Abundant E
ok wow i do NOT know what to think of Kuro at what is he playing at especially at the end! but also just throughout the whole chapter he's clearly so suspicious of Hashira which makes sense. but at the same time it's like settle? at the end scene when he called her shichu i was kind of confused but then i went back to the first chap and realised (or i think i realised) that's what he wanted to name her? either way that's kinda cute but it's the only cute and good thing Kuro did all chapter soooo
tbh even Biru i'm side-eyeing a little i feel like her slight happy go-lucky nature is kind of...i don't know i'm questioning it hahahaha but i definitely like her as a character! and Yanemaru...look, he's beautiful. i love him and support him and want him to do well and thrive

and of course, first canon character! little Izuna. he was amazing as well i loved him and Hashira's conversations. i feel like i vaguely remember their relationship from the original as well so it was nice to make that kind of connection. and his mum! she seems kind of scary but also understandably scary. like if i were tajima's wife I would be one paranoid gal too. i loved the little descriptions of the compounds and whatnot and the word building you did this chapter!

overall i really really enjoyed this chapter! obviously it's early days so i feel like i don't have much to say other than that i'm really loving it! you're definitely forming your own writing style from what i can tell and i think i said this in my first review but i'll see it again because like, i really wanna stress it hahaha but you have improved SO much this is seriously shaping up to be so incredible! i'm super super excited for the next chapter and to see where you're heading with this!

also on another note i find it so weird and disorientating reading this because like, and i wonder if you feel the same way, you mention Madara and Izuna's mum and their brother and i have their names in my mind but they're obviously your OCs hahahaha and i just find it so interesting how because the warring states era is so undeveloped (lol thanks kishi) that there's so much left to the imagination and it's interesting what different people do with it! idk i was just thinking that a lot as i read it!

anyway once again, brilliant chapter and super excited for the next!
6/11/2018 c2 1amaya-tsuki-chan
I love the relationship between the twins. I also love Biruda. I can’t remember if she was this much of a lovable weirdo in the original, but I already love this Biru to pieces. She loves the twins so much and her conversations with Kuro are always hilarious. I have mixed feelings about Kuro, though. For four years, he’s probably been bothered by the constant fear that something’s wrong with his daughter. And there is something wrong with her (though not in the way that he thinks), so I get why he’s so nervous and suspicious around her. (And he’s a young parent, so he’s probably especially freaked out by this.) On the other hand, it’s clear that he still cares for Hashira on some level. He gives her a “very long but strangely fond look” on her birthdays. (This is unrelated, but I think it’s super cute that he sometimes calls Hashira “Shichu”, what he wanted to name her haha.) And based on Shiryo’s words, Kuro has been sheltering his kids this entire time from the war, which must be why Hashira knowing that Senju are the enemies freaks him the fuck out. Or maybe he really freaks out at Hashira knowing the name “Senju” because he’s been suspicious of a genjutsu master casting a genjutsu on her when she in the womb or when she was born, and he thinks that she knows “Senju” because a Senju did it? Or maybe it was just a culmination of all the bizarreness surrounding Hashira that really drove Kuro to use his sharingan on her? But anyway, I sympathize with Kuro and dislike him at the same time. I hope his relationship with Hashira gets better in the future.

I’ve been thinking about the line, “Still, by the frown that pulled at his eyebrows, she felt that she'd given the wrong answer.” What answer did Kuro want to hear that could have prevented him from using his sharingan on her? I feel like there was no “correct” answer Hashira could have given him because he was so suspicious of her, and he’s really done a spectacular job at keeping this kind of information from her so there are no good reasons why Hashira would have been able to find out about the Senju.

Also, when Hashira fell asleep, I immediately tensed up because I remembered that Biru was gone and that Kuro once told her that he wanted to check on Hashira with his sharingan so this was the perfect opportunity... and when he used his sharingan on her, I still gasped dramatically haha. I’m curious to see what Kuro will do once he finds out that there’s no genjutsu causing his daughter’s strange behavior. I also wonder if he’ll actually find something (probably not a genjutsu). I’m excited! This was a great chapter! (I realize I didn’t mention Izuna yet but he was the same adorable, brother-obsessed brat he was in the original that I know and love.) Thank you for writing!
6/8/2018 c1 Guest
I am SO PROUD of you. And EXCITED.
Here we go!
6/1/2018 c1 Guest
Glad it's published
I love this series 3
6/1/2018 c1 WillowingBranches
5/31/2018 c1 3readthishit
pretty great first chapter! poor hashira, you'll understand everything once they explain chakra and stuff, lol. also, is this a rewrite of like, the first chapter or of several chapters? im a bit confused in case you can't tell XD looking forward ti whatever ninja shenanigans come next!
5/29/2018 c1 1Reginleif2004
Good to see this again. I'm looking forward to more.
5/25/2018 c1 God Of Twilight
You're back! It's been so long since I've last read this so I'm super psyched with what you have in store for us. Can't wait to see Izuna and his bratty self again. I've also missed Madara, and even Rai hehe. A girl with a baby was mentioned? Was that her in her past life? Soo excited to see the next update!
5/22/2018 c1 5peccolia
You already know how EXCITED I’ve been to read this rewrite, so I’ll cut to the chase and just let you know YES I am so GLAD this is HAPPENING! Thank you.

I missed Hashira and Yanemaru so much, you don’t even know. Those two’s relationship as definitely an inspiration for how I considered writing siblings, before, and I can’t wait to see how they interact in the future. But Hashira worries me—what’s with the goldfish memory? Is she forgetting who she is or is it just an early childhood brain development interference? Is she going to permanently forget who she was? Ah—no. I typed too soon. Seems like she remembers Feudal Japan and Uchiwa fans, so I guess she did retain memories. Whew!

“She felt the world dying around her, and she hated it.” I love that line. Such. A powerful one. I also love how your writing has grown and developed! Such a fast-paced, action-packed beginning.

Ah, what a great first chapter. I’m so excited to see where you take this fic’s new form. Best of luck with it and nice work!
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