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for Never Wanted To Say Goodbye

2/11/2021 c2 Guest
I hate how she like ok i forgive you again
2/11/2021 c1 Guest
So they hate old serena now she changes they hate new serena
1/3/2017 c2 dolphinred
Great job on the story
7/14/2011 c2 4MoxyGirl
I enjoyed reading this. I wish we were able to read more but you left off a good spot. Thanks for sharing
Now that was one kick ass break-up story I really wold have liked that the anime DID this alas they did that what the hell can you call it because most of the time it pisses me off...oh well beautiful work I liked it you really do have a way with words ,thank you
9/28/2009 c1 9Fedski
OMG i totally love your writing! seriously i really appreciate how you get the characters! and even though in the series serena is all desperate i like how you've made her strong, i always thought this is how she should act!

thank goodness someone else agrees!

can't wait to read more of your works!
6/15/2008 c2 9Eos-hime

I must say that you hit important line, mostly people are forgeting that bond is very important... you broke it and made new...

I realy liked it
10/5/2003 c2 8SailorSenshiStar
this is a rlly cool stry, gr8 wrk!
6/28/2003 c1 1Crimson Blood
This was a very well written piece and actually had me crying a few times and I'm not one to cry during romance scenes. Good job on this story and keep up the good work!

2/4/2003 c2 farah
that was was..superb! Write more
5/6/2002 c2 the real walrus
...Whoa...that was like...whoa. I'm very impressed with your story. It was...I don't know how to put this in words...uhm...Sigh..Serena and Darien have such a unique love and you just elaborate on it so much more that it almost makes you wanna cry. Ok...well I seriously think you should make a sequel because this is fic is a keeper.

3/25/2002 c2 allie
can you please consider a sequal
2/4/2002 c2 5hannagrace
*Great* fic! My fave aspect? The fact that it didn't end too unrealisticly like many of those break up stories... the whole 'i forgive you utterly and completely right after you broke my heart' bit was getting a bit old... so this was a welcomed change. Hopefully my fics 'grow' to this level.. *smiles*

Have I flattered you enough yet?

Hehe, well now, to receive more flattery...FINISH Not As Planned!


1/17/2002 c2 Elbereth
That was beautiful... I loved it :)
12/26/2001 c2 11Kasumi Yawa
Very good. One of your best works! You know your good at writing fics!
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