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for I Want To Be Your Hero

2/12/2019 c24 3hauntedpumpkin56
This was adorable! Great work!
8/12/2018 c22 Van Sasdion
She and her mother never got reconciled? Thats too bad
8/12/2018 c24 Van Sasdion
Aww the end. I liked your stort. I like Lash and Astrid. Its too bad its over. :( couldnt you do some one shots of them, please?
8/12/2018 c23 Van Sasdion
Lashtrid :)
7/20/2018 c8 Van Sasdion
I totally want more of your story. Lash and Astrid
7/20/2018 c11 Van Sasdion
I like Astrid :)
6/4/2018 c11 1Ariel-Sarina-Jen
Is there a part 2 in the process? Because I need more of this. This was great! I liked Astrid. She never broke character; she was always herself and I liked that. Great job.

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