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8/7 c43 Guest
My god that was amazing
8/7 c43 lord web of life of destiny
You're the man, this was sensational and not only that, now I'm dying to see what he can do for Stan and company, new villains, more aliens, and more.
I also have a question, it will be seen soon that Stan transforms into the xylene species or that feedback arrives.
8/7 c43 28DriveMaxUltraDynamoZord
Having Stan become a Great Ape really has me looking forward to the future for him. Maybe Stan can get the Wrath Mode that DBS Broly has? I'd love to see that! Otherwise, reading the Stan and Gwen moment made me wish I at least handled the stuff in my story differently now. Was this still great? YEAH! Can't wait to see more!
8/7 c43 3SwordMaster1331
Ok. I think this was my favorite chapter so far. Dang was it good. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Also are you planning on doing the movie destroy all aliens?
8/7 c43 1Nirvash Neo
This was AMAZING! and I’m glad Stan and Gwen have started their relationship. Also seeing as Stan got the Great Ape DNA here, does that mean he’s going to get the To’kustar in Destroy All Aliens?
8/7 c43 americo.maneto
Season 4 here we come
8/7 c43 2Shadowmwape 'TetraKarne
Wait...Wait...I can't stop this feeling, feeling inside of me, girl you make me realize, what you do to me, when you hold me, in your arms so tight, you let me know, everything's alright, I~~~~, I GOT A FEELING! (I'm hyped for Starlord! Especially since if Gamora comes in, Gwen vs Gamora would be epic)
8/7 c43 31AlphaGodzilla19
Nice, still waiting for that request story. Also, it doesn't have to be posted on Christmas.
7/20 c42 Nykeem
Just asking are we gonna see a hulk team up chapter nice btw
7/12 c42 lord web of life of destiny
excellent friend chapter.
now to clarify a detail max met verdona before xylene, when he was still a pilot of military aircraft.
of the love relationship max there is something that I always ask myself since throughout the series including alien force, ultimate, omniverse and the future not even in the parallel universe if he saw max with someone else what always left me in doubt max finally found a woman he would spend the rest of his life with and as i always like to create pairings i thought i would give peggy carter the option since she has several things in common with max and is one of the few characters that I know he is max.
with xylene and verdona maybe they could make more appearances most of them could be chapters oc where stan was out without his team for example maybe he was going to rescue xylene from some enemy being maybe thanos, ronan, the kree, annihilus, the collector, the great teacher to see how the two start off on the right foot their friendship and with verdona possibly gwen is the main reason why it happens, besides the case of xylene maybe she can find someone she likes apart from max
7/12 c42 1Nirvash Neo
Okay, now I have a question: Why did the Omnitrix attach it’s self to Stan when it was meant for Max?
it the original series we learn that it attached itself to Ben because his DNA closely matched Max’s, so why did attach itself to Stan when his DNA doesn’t match Max’s at all?
7/12 c42 sansdust
i think you should do the part 4 first, since the movie is the Canon ending of the original series.
7/12 c42 americo.maneto
Next chapter is Stan 10: Secret of the Omnitrix
7/12 c41 31AlphaGodzilla19
Nice, you still working on my request?
7/5 c40 1Nirvash Neo
why'd you remove the side stories?, I enjoyed them.
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