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for Monster Falls - Mystery Trio

5/26/2018 c5 8star the rebel
Thank you for clearing that up, Fanart is almost done! just got to put some finishing touches on it. if you want to see it, it will be on my Deviantart account: estelariatherebel dot deviantart dot com. have a nice day and Awesome chapter once again :)
5/26/2018 c5 26Hourglass Cipher
Oh great. This is soooooo not going to end well...
5/26/2018 c4 8star the rebel
Awesome chapter once again, and I do have the fanart almost done, (!) I just need some facts on how Raven looks. but first, let me praise this chapter. I like how you used Ford's paranoia, and how you made Mabel a Mermaid, like in the original versions. With Raven, what color hair does she have, is it long or short, any freckles, and what kind of clothesother that I have missed?

until next chapter, Startherebel
5/25/2018 c3 26Hourglass Cipher
Oh wow. This is not good. Though...wouldn't Raven and Dipper be a little more freaked out?

I can't wait to see the new cover! I wish you luck with it!
5/23/2018 c3 8star the rebel
Well, thank you for the confirmation. You do, though make your OC not overwhelming, she is just the right kind of OC. I can't wait to see your own cover, would you mind if I drew something for your monster falls?
5/22/2018 c2 26Hourglass Cipher
This seems pretty interesting! I haven't found many Monster Falls fics (maybe I'm not looking, but I'm picky about what I read!) and this seems like it's going to be a really cool one. Can't wait to read more!
5/22/2018 c1 Matt
My favorite M.F stories are Q.F's story and Monsters Within The Falls.
5/21/2018 c2 8star the rebel
neat, this chapter is set up quite well, as was the last one. Is Raven Mabel and Dipper's triplet, or just a younger sister? I do like how you didn't overwhelm your OC in the story, like many authors do.
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