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for Happily Forever After

1/13/2019 c1 25Porsche101
This is such a beautiful story after the series ended. I love how Sally got to show Aidan the other life she lived.
10/22/2018 c1 SpecialFXLady
This is awesome! It fills in a lot of unanswered questions about what was going on and what potentially happened to them.
8/12/2018 c1 5SpawnGirl234
this was beyond adorable and I've always love Aiden and Sally shipping so keep writing and great job.
6/27/2018 c1 55AutobotBecks
This is perfect and I think you nailed the dynamic of their relationship!
6/10/2018 c1 1arries1134
love this!
5/22/2018 c1 Guest
Hello! Thanks for writing this. Its good
5/22/2018 c1 Azue
Fluffy and wonderful.

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