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10/20/2019 c3 Gerrycanada
I love it ! Excelsior !
2/8/2019 c1 Gargshubham12
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10/31/2018 c1 LLHOTF
I came bcuz I saw Spidey Harem
8/4/2018 c3 Guest
7/16/2018 c3 Theinfinite
No more updates?
6/29/2018 c2 Spideyfam
What happend to the previous spidey fanfic that you wrote before? Did you delete it?
6/28/2018 c3 54Death Fury
6/28/2018 c3 17The Story's Shadow

White Tiger acting the role of a hunter: tracking, stalking, and ambushing her prey. We see her honing in the role of that with the way she brings down her targets.

Such things are complicated with crime. Tiger, she is a criminal as a vigilante yet that doesn't make her bad. We see she is trying to help. The guy who speaks to her at the end was a victim of tragedy. Some people who become involved in crime do it for good reasons, it's just some don't realize it.

Please don't make Tiger and Widow fight.
6/10/2018 c2 8CRUDEN
Why does almost everyone here make Spider-man a kid...
Anyway I'm interested so far
6/10/2018 c2 54Death Fury
6/10/2018 c2 17The Story's Shadow
Hmm...changing to just Marvel, no longer the USM.

It's kind of creepy they already know the data on these individuals without having met them or barely been around them. It's understandable why they are doing this, but unlike what Tony is implying, they can't/shouldn't force them to do this. Protection can go to controlling far faster than some would like.

Seeing these people come together is a curious thing. They have their differences and different beliefs, but them coming together to do this is quite the action.

Natasha really doesn't want to try to push things with White Tiger. Of course Black Widow is more experienced than the girl, but the tiger's powers: strength, speed, agility, and heightened senses give her a great edge (along with being considerably skilled in martial arts herself). Despite her being a spy, she won't be able to sneak up on Tiger. Black Widow needs to use diplomacy here, not violence...she would come to regret the latter.
6/2/2018 c1 Guest
peter will have to come, also your grammar could use some work
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