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for Superman: Birth of a Hero

2/24 c3 kirosyamcha
good story but with lack of updates i will have to say, another one bites the dust ;(
2/24 c2 kirosyamcha
eh i like the story but its a bit copyishy from superman with the whole reporter thing :/ its unlikely they would both go the same route.
9/28/2019 c2 1D72
It's ma'am. You type it mam in all your fics, and it's super annoying.
9/28/2019 c1 D72
6'10 is a little nuts. I like pretty much everything else. I'm guessing with the Danvers and fury stuff this is around 1996/1997?

Like, RDJ is 5'9, Evans is 6'0, Hemsworth is 6'3, Ruffalo is 5'8 and Hulk is 8 ft 1.
8/23/2019 c3 1CajunStrongMan3
Where is Spidey?
7/25/2019 c3 silent loner boy
Very good lady
Update please
7/25/2019 c1 silent loner boy
Lady love it
6/22/2019 c1 Antianti12
Qi didn't even finish the first chapter I could already tell it was going to be a Superman rip off he could have been anything but instead he chose to be a journalist.
5/2/2019 c1 PLEASE READ ME
I like this but make the same story except a scienctest decided to send an enciclpeda of Superman across mutiverces and it lands at the this storys kriptonnyuns feet due to it's passege only he can understand ,(even in his own head) read toch or see or interact with the book everyone else's hand passes through, to them empty space by the way the guy who sent it is a big Superman fan and wrighten in the book notes and explaintions ie heat vision is not heat vision it's very controlled pirro kinessus and kriptonyon adaptive Aura energy how to not need to relie on the sun all the time how to hypothetically make a red ,blue ,yellow sun belt maybe skimadics to a saying eye scouters Estrada
3/21/2019 c2 Cade2065
Eh, it puts me off that he went through the same occupation as Clark. I mean kryptonians are super geniuses by earths standards, let’s not even talk about the ones under a yellow sun. The fact that you didn’t have him pursue an occupation that would bring technological and medical advancements to the earth bothers me. Just annoyed me. Superman in most iterations never used his full potential, he was always holding back, was hoping this Mc wouldn’t follow the same path.
3/8/2019 c1 dinorun154
Update please
11/18/2018 c3 7MoonlightMiracle.SakurianaHime
Please update soon!
10/10/2018 c1 Nikkless
the romance is too fast paced
10/10/2018 c3 Nikkless
dont like it that this is almost a complete rip off of Superman.
10/10/2018 c3 Nikkless
dont make this a copy of superman
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