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for Kingdom Hearts One-Shots

6/9/2018 c2 Guest
I enjoy theses plz continue this
6/11/2018 c2 8The Keeper of Worlds
Nice job here!
5/23/2018 c1 Guest
Day ending tho!
5/24/2018 c1 The Keeper of Worlds
Loved these one shots . Would be pumped for timelines staggering out on the Wayfinder one and the Lost(last one shot) one. Seeing stories branch from them would be super exciting!
5/22/2018 c1 31FlightfootKeyseeker
Ooh, these are some interesting one-shots!

Broken Blade: I like that Roxas got to meet Peter Pan, and that he jumped to "twins" as an explanation. Seems perfectly logical.

Wayfinders: I do kinda wonder where she found info on Wayfinders. Does Xion go to libraries in her free time? I wouldn't think TWTNW would have books on the subject - then again, maybe they're interspersed with books about hearts...

Brown Dye: I loved Xigbar's "Oh Crap" moment here! I hope Terra gets another whack at him in canon, though I hope he gets to take on Master Xehanort even more. I don't think any single person has suffered more from Xehanort's machinations than Terra has. I also saw that Roxas's interest was piqued - or maybe I should say, Ven's interest?

It's Over: Is Roxas using Oblivion? Also, wow that's dark. I do wonder whether it's even possible to actually destroy a heart in the KH-verse, if so, they need to do it to Xehanort. Dude has way too many horcruxes. At least Roxas finally gets to reunite with Lea, even if it's under terrible circumstances. Kinda makes me wonder about Xion's circumstances, too.
5/22/2018 c1 5KaisakiTokura
That last part made me cry, they almost forget that Sora has nobodies and memories of Kairi which is Roxas and Xion. it cool that Xion made charm for Roxas and Axel/Lea.

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