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5/25 c2 Gonsmoss
I'm liking this story, a lot. Idea with transcript is way better than the one in canon. Weiss is less bitchy and more approachable, blake is less edgy and actually tries to make friends, yang is less overprotective and violent and unlike canon yang that one seems more mature which makes sense because she was basically ruby's mother figure.
I like your version of our characters, they seems nicer and better that the canon one.
Wating for updates but they probably won't happend anytime soon or anytime at all, judge by the amount of unfinished stories you have and you add new one.
4/19 c3 Guest
Hey i am liking this Weiss now. I am going for the impossible pairing Jaune/Weiss for their kicks!
3/31 c3 Gonsmoss
I honestly would prefer for him to stay with weapon and semblance which he has in canon.
Aura amplification allow him to boost his teamates but you could make him use it on himself to boost his endurance or strength or speed etc.
Sword and shield
Shield: same as in canon with both vol4 update (twohander) and vol7 update (dust)
sword: turn in into a gun (RWBY Weapon Design: Dustcalibur by Chris Lee) or revolver cylinder for dust like in weiss's weapon or both
3/27 c3 AgainstInfinity7
Ironically enough, I feel this story has more potential than your other rwby story entitled true potential.
3/26 c1 Guest
I agree with you that Weiss & Blake had terrible attitudes when the two of them were introduced in the show.
3/8 c1 1Ryuujin96
Great work with this chapter. As for Jaune's fighting style, I'd like to see him use martial arts, learn to wield a wide range of melee weapons.( with some martial arts like Kung Fu they teach you forms for different weapons, both single handed and dual wielding.) Since Jaune will be fight Grim I think he should be trained in the use of guns as well. I hope don't have Jaune be a sword and shield guy. As for your authors note at the beginning of chapter 2, I'd like to see this story become a Jaune/Ruby pairing because of their interaction in this chapter alone. Again great work on this chapter
3/5 c3 ice fox 76
Hey boss if you're still having trouble coming up with the paring for the story might I please make a suggestion maybe a bit more of a challenge for you but it's also a rare pair I've only seen it done for five times Maybe but how about a Trio of Ruby pyrrha and Jaune yes it will take more work to make it seem like an actual relationship with all 3 equally interested in each other but if it's pulled off well it's awesome and I really don't get to see that paring enough so I would like to see it more often
3/5 c3 Rakkis3059
I love what you have done with character interactions in this chapter. I cannot wait for the next.
3/5 c3 netveiwer
Dont know if you have settled for Jaunes weapon yet but if hes going to have the ability to be able to take hit give a two handed "Big-boy" wrapon. Most dual weild style are agilty based and heading away from his simbalances plusses. A realistic weapon choice would be a halberd, but this is RWBY. Something like the surge single rigged shield like weapon would turn him into a walking fort with torns; or the double duty weapons feom surge 2 that offers both heavy out put and bursts of dual wielding if you really like that style.
3/5 c3 NyaNyaKittyFace
I’ll fully admit that I’m kinda excited to see how this goes. Colossus is a cool Mutant and doesn’t really get the love he deserves so I’m excited to see how Jaune will develop with his abilities. I am curious if you’ll give his semblance your own little twist though. Oh and I’m loving how you’ve written the characters so far!
3/4 c3 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapters _.
3/3 c3 bloodbrother37
Hope for more
3/3 c3 Reptil
Interesting so far keep it up
3/3 c3 AzrelRazgriz
Given Jaune's Semblance and the natural benefits it will provide i belive that his future fighting style should be an hybrid one. A pair of clawed Gauntlets and Greaves whith an aura-controlled multi-purpose firing mechanisms built-in similar to Yang and Mercury Black weapons coupled with a full-body martial art would grant Jaune a versatile fighting style for melee and/or close quarter combat. For mid to long range combat an high-caliber weapon like a Squad Automatic Weapon (or S.A.W.), a Designated Marksman Rifle (or D.M.R.) or a combination of the two given Remnant's technological capabilities that mecha-shift into a two-handed weapon like Greatsword would grant Jaune the chance to deal heavy damage to his enemies before cleave through any survivor that manages to get close. Alternating between this two fighting stiles would allow Jaune to engage his opponents at any range while also enabling him to adapt to any situation he find himself in.
Afterall be his enemies big and strong or fast and small it wan't matter because they will fall to Jaune Arc "The Iron Wall".
3/3 c3 2merendinoemiliano
Pretty nice chapter and quite cured dialogues, trough I hope here you will use a different reason from True Potential for Jaune not being trained. Best of luck with next fights and same requestions.
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