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1h c41 7ScarletAesir058
I kinda want to see Cam paired with Fay now, because the idea of his attraction to her keeps coming and Serra is definitely a kid in his eyes. Admittedly he's a kid in Fay's eyes but, im just curious about how a good writer like you would handle the pairing. People rarely use Fay, even more so pairing her with anybody.

Love the chapter, love that you have Serra taking down a Spark dragon. Not entirely sure what it is beyond your descriptions but it sounds epic. I hope to see the reactions of the other Mandalorians when they see her kill.

Also, i think you have something unique with Cam and Gar Saxon. Even if Gar isnt willing to be friends now, i can see them being potentially pretty good friends in future. There is very much a Gar acting as a Canderous Ordo figure to Cam's Revan. I look forward to seeing where that goes.
4h c41 TehStorm
Another great chapter, i think the madalorian arc will be coming to an end soon right? Now all Cam has to do is his trial and going to Ordo.

Speking of wich, i wonder what Revan left there, because it's pretty obvious that he left SOMETHING there...Maybe his holocron? Or even his lightsabers...

That also reminds me of the Holocron of Bastilla that denied him access before...

Anyways, can't wait to see more.
9h c41 claytonsouzacg
How is everything that happened to her in a death test his fault?
Even though he feels guilty as the protagonists always do, he still doesn’t give adults the rights to act like trash
And this Fay now let me down, she has better time to complain and whine, she no longer looks like councils, but rather she asserts the dominance of being an older Jedi
He himself respecting the 2 masters now, it seems that he lost 80% of the spine and courage he had.
But I still love it, good job with everything
10h c41 1Pont1ac-Band1t
Been reading this non-stop the last few days between work.

It has been my first read of a gamer fic as I never liked the idea in the past but decided to give this one a go. And love it.
10h c41 holosagewolf32
will he gain a beskar mask? also will he upgrade the defenseless robe to an armored robe similar in concept to what revan and other jedi did from said era?
18h c41 Guest
Awesome chapter. Spark dragon spider and tree that makes for an interesting symmetry. Can wait for what cameron will get up to.
21h c41 Guest
Loved the new chapter.
Your writing is superb as always.
I look forward to the next written manifestation of your mental genius.
May The Force be With You. Always.
5/4 c41 yoto
bon chapitre
5/4 c41 Guest
I love this story so much, but please please please stop with the anime tropes (blushing, going pale, shivering, gulping). I understand that the system update makes him more like his physical age but real 13 year old dont change colour all the time or shiver and gulp in fear at things like being disciplined (something he is already used to at this point)

Again, please don't take this as heavy criticism, but I keep seeing amazing fics making a joke of themselves by going from serious and realistic, to weird anime comedy
5/4 c41 Guest
I sort of wish Serra died
5/4 c41 jeff
somehow, i knew you were going to update this today, lol love this so far!
11h c41 shuriken200
Awesome as always. But I see no poll on your profile. Where is it?
12h c41 3MystiYew
I don't see the poll on your prof? Is it on another platform?
14h c41 bryank97
great chapter, very well written!
15h c41 Brawler883
I can't find the poll so I'm just gonna say I'd like M rating, I'd love to see him get a very small harem, and I'd also love to see him learn to achieve balance between the light and dark sides as that's easily one of the coolest but least explored parts of star wars, the idea that light and dark side dont have to mean good and bad is so interesting but so rarely expanded upon.
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