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2/14 c22 1Aprion
In the words of Illidan Stormrage: "Your fate has blinded you. There can be no chosen one, no destiny. Only we can save ourselves."
1/28 c11 DeathlyBored
No agency, repeated missions to alter every single important event in the future and to seemingly save every character. How fun, can't wait for the tenth mission to save someone at some point in the future.
1/26 c35 spartacus 74
Thun Der made me laugh a lot harder then I should have
1/19 c2 WizzyTheWizard
First off, the number values are all out of wack at some points. I mean, banging the table is 8 points of damage? I highly doubt it would even bruise, it would just be red for a couple of seconds. 1 damage minimum. Plus, all people start at 0 reputation which is marked as disliking someone instead of neutral? So if you go from 0 to -1 favorability you are instantly hated? Also, I'm very confused on where in the timeline he is. I know you said its 3950 by or something but isn't that still 4000 years away from the Rise of the Empire Era? Will he be transported into the body of another 8 yo named Cameron in that era after the tutorial?
1/17 c34 Hero09
Naht this is way too horny ngl
1/13 c36 Modus0perandi
MC is experiencing cognitive dissonance. Secondly, I forgot to say this in the first complaint, is that, logically, there are only about 5 people, (excluding one's I may not know of, and the force gods like Abeloth and the Trinity) that can actually beat him in a fight. His telekinesis alone could rip apart ships. Even more so after he chose the heart of the force. It's kinda stupid how he's even dealing with these juvenile ass problems. Like waah waah trial this, follow that regulation, step in formation, do this thing, do that thing, How about I fucking turn your organs into pulp with my mind?

Also, I don't think there is a single individual alive currently that has better TK than him. So unless they speed-blitz him, he's going to fucking win. That's an undeniable thing. The funny thing is that he's stupidly fast.
1/13 c35 Modus0perandi
The main character is a pedophile. Also a cuckold. Let's not pretend like this is anything else. A 28-year-old man should *not* have anything in common with prepubescent to pubescent children, mentally speaking. He shouldn't want to seek their friendship, and I'm not hearing about age regression considering that topic isn't even elucidated upon.

He's also leading on the said child, instead of just firmly saying "No, I don't want to date you." it may hurt her feelings, but she will certainly get over it, and if she doesn't, so what?

The crazier thing is that he knows he's wrong for doing it, has a solution for it, and opts not to because it makes him feel more robotic. (I'd rather be a robot than a pedophile but that's just me)

Sans prior statements, the child who he's having a relationship with, is also being romanced by other people? I am very irate by how many authors watch lesbian porn — not that it's inherently a bad thing — but if you're going to lead her on (with the expectation that you're eventually going to date her and commit *crazy right*) then why are you allowing her to interact with others in such a manner.

Because we both know (off his prior thoughts with Fay and that woman in Mtael's gift) that he gets very jealous very quickly, and this would *not* happen if it was a guy hitting on her, or touching her (She has expressed visible discomfort with the objectification of her body.) and I wonder how long will the author fetishize lesbianism. (Again, nothing against it, if it *was* a lesbian novel, or if it *was* another couple within the story, the issue is how it's prevalent in his other story too, a repeating pattern.)

Please stop making pedophiles. Please stop making groomers. (He even expressed this worry, yet continued. Wild huh?) please figure out whether you're into cuckoldry. Please stop letting the children grope each other, it's weird.

I'm probably still going to read it because I am mentally ill.
1/9 c42 Guest
The ending is retarded.
1/11 c22 journeyman3929
...whos to say that sifo was actually the one who ordered the clones...
1/10 c13 journeyman3929
shit, this is probably too late, but I hope you got better and not just because I enjoy your story
1/7 c1 omiguh
In case you didnt know, this story currently has 2 books, so my review will be based off both books compared to just this one. After all, why would stop at the first one when the story isnt done?

Well, book 1 is good. Some problems that i noticed are chapters are incredibly long with kind of pointless descriptions. And thought processes. There would be times where it could be 3-4 paragraphs pf thought before mc responds to who he is talking to. Ill literally forget that he was talking to somebody other than just having an internal dialogue. Very immature sexually. He says stuff like im not going to fuck a kid which makes sense but then he cant control his hormones? Its not that hard to control your hormones at that age and it should be even less difficult for a full grown man. It shouldnt be that difficult or there would be a lot more rape charges in todays age if a man cant control himself in a childs body.

Now onto book 2. I feel book 2 is incredibly worse compared to book 1. It feels like to me that the author realized he was making his mc too strong too fast and he didnt want his story to end too fast. So he nerfed him heavily. He practically forgot everything about the gamer system for the first several chapters. He may have used his skills but we didnt see any skill levels or hos stats or his level for god know how long.

There are other aspects as well like his force speed. Apparently hes faster than everyone else by a big margin yet he’s continuously losing duels? Thats like saying its logical for the flash to lose to normal level speed humans. Or how his lightsaber form can be over 2 tiers higher than others yet still lose? I understand how the masters can make their own techniques and progress but when his basics are at such a level, even if slightly predictable, he should be able to win on an average basis.

And then we have to deal constantly struggling with the dark side pf the force. It just frustrates me that the author nerfs the mc so he will struggle when ultimately he should already be strong enough to contest with sideus and plagues. He has already been told that if he stops the war now that many more will die so he can stay top tier strong without outing or killing the other but the author decided on the nerf
1/3 c1 blushkit
the name is CAMERON. screaming in disgust
12/16/2023 c43 dadg12346
Great story excited to read book 2
12/9/2023 c17 tylor13roney
fuck me why join star wars world and unlock the force if he does not want to kill

also I though he served in the army for like a 20 years yet he is such a softy

also they are primitive dog like things wtf he gonna be like In a war

or using his battle meditation in a war and feeling the loss of hundreds of not millions of lives in mere seconds to hours or days

fuck me shoulda went to a happier world
12/9/2023 c10 tylor13roney
FK is he ever going to reject one these quests cause all these quests seem to be long long term goals and slot of grinding yet he accepts them like he can do them in a hour
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