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5/8 c2 18ariom
I'm two chapters in and really enjoying this. No terrible typos or ghastly grammatical glitches and the characterisation is accurate. I shall certainly come back and read more.
12/31/2019 c20 1suteko1
This is damn well done. You have picked yup the version of Tyr we had all loved and built on it and pretty much have a great handle on my favourite little genius. We need more though
10/30/2019 c19 Rillia
I'm watching the whole show for the first time now, i have just seen a few episodes on TV and never hd the time- it's awesome. It's so sad the fandom is so small and mostly dead. There are so many amazing characters- like Tyr and Harper! I just love those two 3 there's not enough fanfiction like yours! you write them amzing and its so fun to read! Thx for writing this!
7/18/2019 c17 7Aileil
You truly do a remarkable job of balancing their comfort and unease in each other's presence. I think you displayed the cause particularly well in this chapter: They know each other very well. This means they are close enough to understand each other and close enough to see just how much of a threat the other could be, should he ever chose to do it.
Neither one of them is swift to change the cautious habits of a lifetime, but I appreciate the way you let them turn it to teasing and looking out for each other in their weak points. Here also you have shown their respective capacities for gentleness. I am glad that Harper was willing to create and gift his inventions for Tyr and it was most amusing to see Tyr considering Harper's apparently uncomfortable choice of sleeping arrangements, but having the grace to let him stick to it if he felt like it.
You did a lovely job of showing one more interesting parallel between Harper and Tyr here: their general misfortune in courtship. Your story has done a magnificent job showing just how alike they are in spite of being opposites at first glance.
Thank you for writing (and for giving them a lovely galactic vacation in the middle of July - it's a beautiful thought).
7/17/2019 c17 Garibaldi69
Nice writings, caught their interaction on the TV show pretty well.
Wish there was more.
5/14/2019 c16 Aileil
Doubtless, this is where someone should chime in that anyone who can handle Harper has sufficient experience to at least make the attempt with a small child. :)

Seriously though, I appreciated your little relational parallel that you set up in this chapter: while Tyr reflects on his lack of knowledge of family life, he's simultaneously demonstrating his ability and desire to look after, encourage, and relate to people in the way he approaches Harper. He encourages him in his interests, promotes his health and comfort, and takes his feelings into consideration.

On the Harper end of this chapter I was greatly amused by his stubborn desire to show that he doesn't need any help (even while admitting to himself that he hadn't thought of the respirator and that it is a good idea).

And lastly, I appreciated the intrigue as well. You've done a good job showing that attracting the fresh notice of some Neitzscheans impacts far more than just 'business', so to speak. It changes how to plan trips, read job boards, and the chances of having a personal life.

Thanks so very much for your continual work on this story. I do truly enjoy each installment.
4/1/2019 c15 Guest
Ah, family, that which you hold the closest cuts the deepest. And it can be very hard to talk about your family. I mean, anyone can blather on all day about "and grandma always told me put the fork on the left side of the plate..." and yadda, yadda, yadda but when it comes to something that HURTS about family there aren't really words made for it. I think you've reflected that well here.

You've also done a good job of getting a balanced perspective on the personal crisis without diminishing the heartache itself. Your readers can stand in the shoes of either Harper or Tyr and know how it feels to be in that spot: pushed away roughly or needing space for private concerns. Neither one is unsympathetic and it would be hard to act better under those circumstances. I think your bittersweet closing moment for the chapter indicates that they both reached the same conclusion but (at least on Tyr's side) don't wish to discuss it further just yet.

Thank you so much for your characterological consistency and for continuing to plug away at this moving (and absorbing) story. I love coming home from work and reading your stuff, truly. :) All the best to you!
3/13/2019 c14 Aileil
You know, I really value the practical consideration you've given to their schedules, alongside their work and provisions. The show, being limited by the run-time of the episodes, just gave viewers a general sense of the kind of things the characters did when we weren't watching them and that was that. Your story really delves into some of the 'behind-the-scenes' type of stuff that logically had to occur to give us the show, but was never developed and I find your take both fascinating and plausible. Also, it gives a sense of realism to your tale and helps to estalish that the galaxy-shaking scale of some of the show's arcs isn't all that there is to the world of the characters. I love the depth you give us.
In this chapter, I also enjoy the wordless understanding you've placed between Tyr and Harper. (It actually reminded me a little of their last scene together in the 3rd season finale; everyone else was really upset with Tyr, but Harper and Tyr still were able to share camraderie and understanding, even though they knew they were bound to be opponents going forwards). You didn't really need dialogue in this chapter and that gives your readers a sense of assurance and familiarity. As much as Harper liked to babble and Tyr liked to pontificate, they also both know the value of accomplishing their work without having to relate it aloud. Sometimes a little quite understanding is nice. :)
Thank you so very much for your continued work on this wonderful fic! I have loved every installment and consider that they fit together admirably.
2/5/2019 c13 1F.D.Wurth
I absolutely love this. The dynamic is spot on for about the middle of the series. Good times.
2/4/2019 c13 7Aileil
You really do incomperable work in your parallel development of Tyr and Harper. I appreciate your demonstration of their practical and attitude similarities here (both careful, both proud, both outsiders) and also their differences (quiet vs. loud, classic music vs. popular music, still vs. constantly moving, etc.). I also enjoy your way of giving us little bits of context, you don't burden us with it, but you let us know what's going on out there (minor prides uniting, pirates have a trading port, most drifts have some part scrounging facilities but aren't all friendly to the same elements, etc.).
Lastly, though, I like the way you let us get to know the ship. If you have string characters, it really helps to have a setting you can actually visualize them in, and I think you give us that. Telling us about the odd scale of the ship, the modifications made to it, and I really like it's window to the stars. That gives it a rather homey touch. :)
Thank you so much for writing; you consistantly make my day.
12/30/2018 c12 Aileil
I really love the way you've developed their 'separate-yet-alongside' brand of existence. They really have no reason to spend all of their time together, even on tasks where they could share the labour. The way the first half of this chapter fleshes out their unique approaches is insightful and enlightening. You've also helped to give me a better sense of the physical space of the ship, especially with Harper's ponderings as to how his 'project' was stowed in the first place.
As for Tyr, I have boundless sympathy for his plight. While I have certainly never been that thoroughly deprived of rest, there have been occassions when the schedules of others have compelled me to remain waking longer than I wished. Your development of that incident helped to show some other ways he is vulnerable, even in his self-sufficience. Having a helper looking after his supplies and 'home' while he's out is invaluable and goodness knows you've illustrated Tyr's contribution to Haper's general health and well-being.
Oh! And I thought you did a great job of pushing the alien nature of the setting here. The idea of people who do use stimulants just because they can in order to remain awake for nearly a month at a time is bizarre, and shocks your reader into a remeberance that the story takes place far away and in the future where the 'norm' for one group can harm or seriously inconvenience others without even meaning to. You do a good job of mixing the familiar (errands, home-upkeep, side-projects, etc.) with the adventurous (space stations, alien species tech work, kooky cultures, etc.).

Thanks ever so much! And a happy new year to you. I hope it treats you well. :)
12/4/2018 c11 Aileil
This is a fantastic chapter. I like the way you've set Harper and Tyr up as foils here. Their 'self-defense lessons' are more of a two-way street than it might appear initially. I particularly appreciated the way you pointed out that Tyr 'had never really thought about' all the nooks and crannies on his ship until Harper started using them as hidey-holes and ways to sneak around.
I also appreciate that you haven't made their friendship some sort of 'bound by destiny' or 'kindred souls' type thing. While they have more in common than either one would have wanted to admit at first, they are both rather independently minded people and I don't think they are friends because they NEED to be, precisely, but more because it is...preferable...to not being friends.
At least, I really got that impression in this chapter, and I appreciated it. It's not often people examine the practical foundations of friendship. Far more often there is a vague mushy line or two that sounds poetic, but is rather hard to understand.
Long and short of it is, I am grateful to you for writing about these two in such a careful and thought-out way. I am especially pleased by how entertaining you make it and how faithful you have been to their characters. :)
Your work is valued.
11/25/2018 c10 Aileil
Thank you for embarking on this tale! Tyr and Harper have always been favourites of mine and it is nice to see the both of them getting a fairer shake after the end of the series. I've never had much imagination for continuations, but (when well done) they are treasures among fan works. Yours is such a creation. You have well mastered their respective speech patterns and you seem to have an equally good grasp of plotting and character development, neither suffers to benefit the other. Also, your shifts in viewpoint are enlightening and good for pacing. Lastly, I approve of the doubling technique you've used for the mutual understanding of Tyr and Harper. As you have noted, even though they do not seem a natural pair, they have much in common which you incorporate splendidly. I deeply appreciate your efforts and hope that they continue. :)
11/12/2018 c10 KB
Later seasons left me wounded. Your story is healing. Well done. Wish the story line had taken a path more like this. And really, what the hell did they do to Beka? Who was that person? And the Harper/Earth thing? Earth is gone...my bad? No, the later episodes didn't sit well with me. I really prefer your story. Thanks for sharing and please keep going.
8/12/2018 c7 1F.D.Wurth
once again an excellent chapter
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