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for SOA Season 7 Redone

7/24/2019 c12 2Stacy thomas
This is good I wish that Jax doesn’t have to do time. Maybe a third baby little girl
7/24/2019 c12 dukedk
Great new update
7/24/2019 c11 kaleik1
this chapter was beautiful and so happy you are back.. can't wait for a new chapter.. getting anxious for Jax to turn himself in..
7/23/2019 c11 606Ghostwriter
Hey welcome back! Like that they're discussing things rationally. And yikes, yeah, losing things suck.
7/23/2019 c11 dukedk
I feel so sorry for them I hope something happens where he doesn’t have to go great chapter
7/23/2019 c11 Demarcod
Glad your back. Hoping something happens where Jax doesn’t go to jail. Hmmmm. Maybe Gemma trying to get on his good side ?
4/30/2019 c10 dukedk
I really love the story I wish she would finish it it’s such a good friend
2/14/2019 c10 debra.joines
Please please continue this story
1/3/2019 c10 kaleik1
So happy u are back and this chapter was beautiful and sad at the same time!
1/3/2019 c10 Ghostwriter
I love this. Well done. Of COURSE Gemma would try to get Jax onto her side. Glad it didn't work. Keep it up.
1/3/2019 c10 TaraSOAFan1967
Welcome back. Loving this story and I am hoping that Patterson goes back on the deal completely but in a good way by letting Jax off the charges if he agrees to leave the Sons. I'm crossing my fingers for a happy ever after.
1/3/2019 c10 Kirsten Owen
oh i love this story! wish they had there happy ending in the showhopefully jax will get off the charges too!
1/3/2019 c10 Demarcod
Glad you are back the closer and closer you get to him turning himself in the more antsy I get about him being let off and a HEA for Jax and Tara. Can’t wait to see the next update
1/3/2019 c10 2MELYLOOP
You're breaking my heart! He can't go to prison! I can't wait for more, glad you updated.
10/13/2018 c9 3Imaginemotherofdragons
I'm obsessed with all of this "Happy Teller Family" time. They so deserve this. Wonderful chapter, thanks for sharing!
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