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for Total Drama Act I: Musical Impact

2/16 c1 lordgemini
- Spoilers incoming -

I doubted about writing or not a review of chapter 1, but why not? It’s funny because you had really polished all the SYOC introduction chapters.

This is not bad (I love the energy that you transmit in both your message and Candela’s introduction.) But it is cooler the way you did the ACT III introduction chapters. (obviously, because they are newer ;) )

I still waiting for it to become cringe :D
11/15/2020 c21 Thor
Congrats on finishing the series. Sorry I dipped early on lol. Good luck on your future stories, keep up the great writing :)
11/12/2020 c25 1Ecliptic Plasma
I AM SHOCKED at the original placements lol, I know some did not change that much, but still! Also, fuck Hah, at least he gets to spend time with the rats. XD I legit cracked up at the Yee-Hah part. XD
11/12/2020 c24 Ecliptic Plasma
O_O I wasn't expecting these final placements! Congrats to the three of them! And major oof to Xavier though.

I'll go check out the reunion!
11/12/2020 c23 Ecliptic Plasma
God I nearly cried at this episode. As Faith's creator, this elimination hit me really hard. XD
Can't wait to see the finale!
11/12/2020 c25 Obsidian Champion
I can't believe I forgot to send in my dares, sorry about that. XD
Hooray for Hah, Chris and Maya getting what they deserve! XD I wonder if they're gonna bring those in Act II.
Anyway, this was an awesome season, and thank you so much for using some of my characters.
I'll definitely look forward to see what happens in Act II!
11/12/2020 c25 MusicalEssence
Wow! What a reunion, that last performance got me tho. I'm really gonna miss this cast too. ;-;
11/12/2020 c25 4TheUnchartedHollow
This was an awesome Reunion special. Thanks for answering my questions and having the campers do those challenges...a lot of fun there. And holy crap, I can't believe that two years ago Xavier was going to go far, hell even win. But I still like Clayton as a winner, and both Clayton, Faith, Olivia and Xavier were going to go far either way. Anyways, I want to thank you for finishing this, and this was a wonderful read. I hope you continue to write amazing stories like this.
9/17/2020 c24 TheUnchartedHollow
Wow, what an ending...or endings. Anyway, I still can't believe that Xavier made it all the way up to the top first...just to realize he lost his coin. Well, at least Xavier got a respectable third place. Now, for the questions.

1. Top 6 for my are Faith, Clayton, Mairead, Xavier, Arreis and Evander.

2. Probably my favorite episode was the hide and seek one...to obvious an I right?

3. as for questions or dares...hmm

First off, I want to ask the campers from a scale from 1-10 how insane Chris is?

Next, for you, how many campers could have possibly won (Including Clayton, Xavier and Faith).

Now, I want to get down for the challenges. First, I dare all the campers to ride a mechanical bull, to see how long they stay on or not. another challenge I could think of is for one of the campers to chug down a gallon of milkshake.

Finally, I just want to say that I am super glad that you finished this story and that you are contenting to write others. I wish you best of luck continuing to write these stories.
9/17/2020 c24 MusicalEssence
OMG! This was insane! I love how tough the challenge was, and don't be disappointed in yourself! Judging by the other reviews, we all love how this turned out!

1. My top six is going to be Amanda, Meredith, Faith, Xavier, Evander, and Spear.

2. I think I love the fire scene the most, it was one of the most dramatic points of the season, along with the triple injury scene.

• For all the contestants: What are your opinions on how you fared out during the whole season?
• For the interns: Who do you hate the most in the interns besides Hah?
• For the hosts that have been suspended throughout the season: What does it feel like to be suspended?
• For Candela: Do you have an original elimination order before this elimination order was used?

That is all, and I cannot wait for the reunion!
9/17/2020 c24 Obsidian Champion
DANG! What a challenge! I can't believe that this is the finale though... and congrats to Clayton for winning the entire thing!

I honestly feel so bad for Xavier rn. Had he not lose the coin, he would've been the champion.

1. My top six (I'll be excluding the Act II veterans): Faith, Olivia, Clayton, Xavier, Meredith, and Evander

2. I pretty much love EP11 onwards, I think that was when everything was put into pieces.

3. ...I will PM you for this one, I don't wanna spoil XD

Anyway, congrats on finally completing a season! Once we have the reunion, then you can finally mark this as complete. :D
9/16/2020 c24 Gucci Mane LaFlare
This was great!
I'm so happy you managed to get a lot of use out of Olivia.
9/16/2020 c24 20Sephiria Arks
I knew it that Clayton would win. I just did somehow.
My favorite... I think it had to be Clayton.
Favorite Episode - Episode 13 (the hide and seek episode).

Dare 1 - Candela this dare is for you! I dare you to launch Chris plus your two least favorite interns off in the most painful way that you can think of!
Dare 2 - Make Hah suffer.
Think Sephiria and Arturo will make an appearance for the reunion?

Can't wait to see the reunion episode! It will be a lot of fun to see what will happen!
8/13/2020 c23 Gucci Mane LaFlare
I really liked this!
The letters were great.
I never thought Olivia would make it to the end when I first created her.
8/13/2020 c23 Obsidian Champion
Am I happy that my OC Hah got fired?


Thta was honestly epic, that scene where the big reveal happened... dang, Eden proved how sneaky she was in this chapter lol. And hooray for Hah going to prison!

Poor Faith tho, she came all the way this far just to quit. I wonder what will happen to the final three...
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