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11/30/2020 c4 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
really lovely
9/1/2020 c4 stars-for-dreams
Yess I like it!
8/31/2020 c4 ZoeyOlivia
Amok amok amok! Run amok some more! I can’t wait!
8/30/2020 c4 1angel897
interesting to read. hope to read more from you again soon. stay safe
6/21/2020 c3 kikagirao
Love this story. I really hope you update it soon.
3/7/2020 c3 7Maxennce
Gatherer of armies, how very apt
3/6/2020 c3 1angel897
awesome to read, love that she has his respect and won in from others as well
2/29/2020 c3 27Vaneesa85
Loving it please continue soon
2/23/2020 c3 30voldyismyfather
love this
1/1/2020 c2 1angel897
interesting to read, love to read more
12/1/2019 c2 Guest
So Thorfinn's mother apparently wanted him to only marry someone intelligent, loyal, and magically strong, and yet *she* forces him into a marriage contract with a woman who is none of those things? Linnea confuses me.
12/1/2019 c2 27Vaneesa85
Loving it please continue soon
8/8/2018 c1 Angie
This first chapter sounds very adorable, I love this couple, I look forward to seeing how Hermione enters the life of the blond giant and his little
8/2/2018 c1 7Maxennce
Hermione would definitely be able to help, can’t wait to see how she ends up enmeshed in their lives
6/15/2018 c1 ZoeyOlivia
Poor little thing! Get her some muggleborn help! Meaning of course someone to give her a cochlear implant of course! Not a servant!
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