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5/27/2018 c1 Guest
I like the Akame ga kill idea.

My Best recommendation for anyone who wants to write this story is to put the CP9 group as a third party. There must likely miss would be to act as representatives of the world government and take down criminals and members of the Revolutionary Army.
However, once they see the set up The prime minister hands over the empire CP9 would switch gears and try to take done the prime minister and his supporters. The world give me a give a blind eye to corruption, but pupit government's that the world government has no Control over on the other hand with unacceptable. Not to mention taking done The core of the countries nonlegit powers and replace it with People who know how to improve the economy or at least nonviolent or mentally stable inveigles would prove to be far more active and taken care of the drive and support of the revilotionary army then CP9 helping the prime minister in 10 years. All improving the country on multiple frunts.

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