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for The rebirth of the yellow flash

9/2 c22 idkwqe
wasn't he dating ayame?
9/2 c11 idkwqe
fem sasuke?
8/19 c1 Anonymous
Baka the hiraishin was invented by tobirama and optimized by minato
7/4 c1 Shadows82
I like the story so far.
6/29 c11 Guest
If it’s “needless to say” then don’t say it
6/14 c24 1NarutoLegendsd
Not a fan of this Samui relationship. You should have pushed it back to when he was older like 14 or 15. But you do you.
6/14 c24 NarutoLegendsd
Who knew Tachi was a player!
6/14 c22 NarutoLegendsd
Yoooo, is Tachi man cheating on Ayame! Yo this better be cleared up..
6/14 c17 NarutoLegendsd
Haku has black hair and black eyes…
6/14 c17 NarutoLegendsd
This is a really enjoyable story so far. Only thing is that I am still getting use to Sasuke being a girl but overall a really good story.
6/5 c17 Johnmau
Man, this disappoints me. This pains me more then this comment may hurt you. I... Found it an OK read, but, now? Urgh! This chapter did it! I could faint! I will faint! I did faint!? HUH!? Farck! Stupid! How has it dropped so low! ...
4/17 c33 Guest
Love the beyblade references in this chapter.
4/15 c4 Guest
4/12 c10 Guest
Noice. Im addicted
3/5 c18 1Kazutouchiha
seriously for him to pardon kushina that easily is.. um how do i say this he took it quite easy. I mean do YOU think IF you were in his place pardon her that easily? I mean first it shouldn't be taken lightly since she did abandon him and never came back to konoha even when she knew he would be getting hurt.
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