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for The rebirth of the yellow flash

4/19 c1 Guest
Really a neglect story can't come up with something original like wtf why the fuck it one parent lives or they seal kurama in naruto and his siblings u always make t a neglect story how about u delete this story
3/22 c42 Guest
You lied it has been abandoned how dare you
3/1 c17 ForMyselfInTheFuture
Naruto apologizes to Kushina...Thats really all you need to know...naruto is the one tht apologizes to kushina for his neglect...Yeah my thoughts exactly, skip this trash
2/13 c17 1pnoah5381
NO HE FORGAVE TO FAST I WOULD LET HER SUFFER THE WAY I SUFFERD! I am sorry for yelling but i swear every fanfic he either hates them or was quick to forgive no i’m not hating but no his mother and that pervert need to spend a year in his shoes to see there mistake
12/28/2023 c22 1BangtanGirl007
What about Ayame..
3/24/2023 c42 Guest
This story does need a rewrite unfortunately you had several plot points that pop up one chapter then get chucked out the next, it has potential but a lot of rough edges that needs sorting out
3/22/2023 c11 Buzzyman746
Damn alleyway scene hits hard
3/19/2023 c24 Guest
Well that explained the Itachi situation atleast but seriously what’s up with your Hinata going bipolar
3/19/2023 c23 Guest
And now Hinata is randomly a bitch again for no reason, the attitude change could have been explained with Orochimaru marking her too but there’s no of that
3/19/2023 c22 Guest
Why is Itachi kissing some random Komo nin when he is meant to be dating Ayame?
3/19/2023 c20 Guest
Been reading this the last couple of days and got to say wtf, there are so many inconsistencies with this story it’s insane, you copied the starter chunks from another author as you said but then you seem to ignore both them and your own additions changing the plot at the drop of a hat, like this chapter you mention Eizen a couple of times but only in passing but now suddenly he’s apparent Naruto’s best friend
9/25/2022 c1 Pantomthifezero
Didn’t minato improved the hiraishin no jutsu not created
9/17/2022 c5 amavgupta0
first thing naruto can also graduate early and if he was a little smarter in naruto then he would have graduated at age 10 as he himself said he took the exam 3 times in 3 years and failed them all but the 3rd time he obviously got a 2nd chance with the forbidden school so he passed so he took the 1st test to become genie at age 10
9/17/2022 c4 amavgupta0
what the heck do you mean partial contract a contract is a contract
9/17/2022 c1 amavgupta0
bro tobirama should not be alive when minato was sent to the village or according to the ages it will make hiruzen 53 when naruto graduated which was 12 yrs of age and pls specify why minato didn't try to eliminate the threat of the masked man and how he came to be if Madara continued his plan or not and if he definitely had 1 eye because of using izanagi to survive against hashirama and only recovering it when he awakened the rinnegan when he was too old to fight
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