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for The rebirth of the yellow flash

9/11/2022 c9 xXTTVFAZEBTWYTXx
Good story only feedback is work on your dialogue, sometimes you rush things a little fast other then that nice story
8/20/2022 c3 Xenokiller419
I would like anko to raise naruto because she seems to like taking care of him
7/31/2022 c12 xXTTVFAZEBTWYTXx
Good story so far but I think you could improve on the character’s dialogue, sometimes you take thing a little too fast I’m not really sure how to explain it like how Naruto and hiruzens grandson became friends instantly and something else that I didn’t really like was Jiraya getting removed from the toad contract, it just felt a little too unrealistic
7/9/2022 c19 luno
why didn't anyone ask naruto about his Sharingan when he killed all those men?
7/6/2022 c34 MoinLeute
wtf, for what do you need so many hand seals?... bot to mention the titanic amount lf chakra that implies
7/5/2022 c42 shedges19
when are you doing more
6/9/2022 c22 killernooch
you said earlier that the kumo team got a earth scroll from a leaf team then said all leaf teams got heaven scrolls
6/9/2022 c22 killernooch
your spelling really needs some work and also is itachi cheating on ayame? or did you just forget you had them get together
4/12/2022 c22 1tpokharel80
Is he dating Ayame
4/10/2022 c42 Guest
It's good that this fic is dead cause it's complete and utter garbage.

The author doesn't even consider Naruto as a human as evident by the fact that Naruto forgives his mother after hearing Kakashi's story. If anything, Naruto shouldn't forgive Kushina at all but that just shows you can't write poperly
4/4/2022 c28 Aedwards179
Fucking harem god damnit. the description says NarutoSamui not harem. asshole authors ruining all decent novels
4/4/2022 c26 Aedwards179
why are the chains coming from the ground? chakra chains are literally chains made of their solid chakra and come out of their body.
4/4/2022 c24 Aedwards179
didn't Hinata say she wanted to get rid of the caged bird seal before? why's she calling the branch members useless now?
4/4/2022 c23 Aedwards179
why did nejis dad die this time? Kumo only wanted him because the Kumo ninja died to Hyuuga strikes. this time the Kumo ninja didn't die so konoha could get info from him to use against Kumo and there was no Hyuuga involved. stupid forced plot
4/4/2022 c22 Aedwards179
Is Itachi cheating on ayame? I thought Naruto got him to date the ramen girl? what an ass.
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