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for The rebirth of the yellow flash

12/20/2021 c1 Checkmate28
the start of the story reminds me abit of "legacy by Cr4zypt" really good by the way
11/5/2021 c1 Whod
Having the very first word of the story be a major character's name misspelled really makes it seem like the writer doesn't care, the writing will be very poor, the author is rushing so quick they never bothered to re-read so much as the first line, or they don't know the name of a major character in their story. I could understand even the first line or paragraph, but the very first word is pretty laughable. Either way it's a clear sign the story isn't worth reading.
10/19/2021 c42 erikxsakura
Siendo sincero, espero que esta serie vuelva es muy buena y por como veo lo que se le viene a Naruto sera muy interesante, con respecto al nuevo novio de Kushina seria un poco serio y divertido de relleno mantenerlo vigilado, solo por las dudas :)
10/17/2021 c42 1Lucifer Roosevelt
Tbh, you really have a knack for powerhouse character. But if i may to comment, the character developments are rather.. what should i say? Too fast? I dunno, i really not good with english, cause it's not my main language, so i'm sorry I could not describe it at its best.

Oh also i love the pairing, tbh i love samui, she's like second hinata even though people usually referring shion as second hinata but i love samui more because her racks lol. Sorry my perverseness get a better of me. Although i quite enjoy your story even after all this years, i found it to be too fast too, for the plot especially. I don't mind your story lenght for each chapter, every author have their own way. And yeah i agree about forgiving kushina also sooo boring tbh, need some problem here and there, make a grand climax and i'll be your fans waiting for your another story, especially in naruto fandom. Oh i also like naruto x highschool dxd, it couldn't hurt to try, don't you think?
10/12/2021 c11 2needmorecaffeine
cliche bastard
10/8/2021 c1 lamthai316
MadaraI lost the first vs my best friend and was forced to flee. LOL
You must be a teenager or at least have the mentality as one.
9/2/2021 c22 idkwqe
wasn't he dating ayame?
9/2/2021 c11 idkwqe
fem sasuke?
8/19/2021 c1 Anonymous
Baka the hiraishin was invented by tobirama and optimized by minato
7/4/2021 c1 1shadows82
I like the story so far.
6/29/2021 c11 Guest
If it’s “needless to say” then don’t say it
6/14/2021 c24 TobiramaSenjuZi
Not a fan of this Samui relationship. You should have pushed it back to when he was older like 14 or 15. But you do you.
6/14/2021 c24 TobiramaSenjuZi
Who knew Tachi was a player!
6/14/2021 c22 TobiramaSenjuZi
Yoooo, is Tachi man cheating on Ayame! Yo this better be cleared up..
6/14/2021 c17 TobiramaSenjuZi
Haku has black hair and black eyes…
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