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3/25 c1 Guest
To be honest I thought you were writing this for fun but after seeing the note at the bottom I was heavily confused. (One punch man characters are fighters while dragon ball characters are destroyers) sounds very misleading. Dragon ball has always contained fighters who happen to be destroyers and it seems like you only used guides for noe punch man only and not for Dragonball because this makes you out as bias. Vegeta all the way in the Saiyan saga was a confirmed planet burster(even the guides said so), he destroyed a planet onscreen with little effort and before you say it is filler, it is said in a guide that you need a power level of 10,000 to destroy a planet and earth in Dragonball is considered a small planet and Vegeta at the time had a maximum power level of 18,000 and it was shown in a flashback that king Vegeta destroyed multiple planets with a wave of his hand and his power level was around 11,000. So it is safe to assume that Vegeta is casually around large planet level. Piccolo was able to fire an uncharged ki blast towards the moon at relativistic sub-relativistic speeds and his special beam cannon is faster than that and piccolo who shot the moon had weights on and a power level of 322. So at the bare bones minimum, Vegeta is around 55.9 the speed of light. And it was even stated by Vegeta that the more ki you have the stronger and faster you become. And first form Frieza was able to casually destroy planet Vegeta with one finger(the planet is stated to have gravity 10 that of earth) and with timeframe that it happened, it was calculated to around dwarf star level and he had a power level of 530,000 so that means that first form Frieza is at least 1,646 the speed of light and this is a low-ball. And final form Frieza is 120,000,000 which means that he is reaching the star to large star levels of power. A solar system is bigger than any star, what you said was just so wrong. Boros was stated to have the energy to wipe the planet's surface in the manga and that was changed to planet in the anime. And the kanji used in one of the guide books is heavenly bodies which could mean moons, planets, or stars. However the guides always put boros at the planetary range to planet level is the most consistent. And if you look up the guides for Vegeta, one of them used the same kanji but Vegeta is consistently in the large planetary range. The thing is that you have there is so many feats and and even guides that have these characters at this level and you only used the guide for boros for some reason and went with the highest wank(like seriously, he is not even star level how the hell did you get him to large star level my guy?). And cell is confirmed to be a solar system in the guides as well along with super Saiyan 2 Gohan and it make sense since they are much stronger than final form frieza at this point. I am not even going to talk about the mayhem that occurred in the tournament of power and you said that garou could handle them(I am sorry but garou is not lasting 1second in that tournament). And currently saitama and cosmic garou have shown multi-solarsystem levels of power which is impressive but they are not touching the Buu saga, yet. And I can agree that garou has great endurance but how is having great endurance going to help with characters that can literally atomize him without even looking(yes, Dragonball characters are capable of atomizing other strong characters) and currently the one punch man verse is not touching the Buu saga where there are universal implications. And that tentacle psychic is not yet proven to have the power of a black hole seeing as the ship is still intact and the fodder henchmen are still alive, unless they are black hole level as well which we all know is not the case. And their is something called ki control which is something almost every character have. It basically means that they are able to concentrate their planet bursting attacks towards a small area which is why you don't see characters destroying planets everytime they throw a punch. Their is something called AP(Attack potency) and DC(Destructive capability) which you have to look up if you want to scale properly.
11/25/2022 c1 Guest
Out of curiosity have you seen Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, if so, remember that one Hero he punched in the conference room, Heavy Tank Loincloth? Garou basically said to him "Yeah, I think you're done, nighty night gramps". Now imagine if an OPM and Hazbin/Helluva story was made and Garou was used, Stella is known for looking down on the lower class and reminding them of that, she'd certainly feel that way about humans, Garou would probably refer to the humans on a regular Earth as a bootleg, cardboard, retarded version of his own, or hypocritical, entitled, triggered little bitches with the intelligence of wet paper. He would likely even refer to Heaven and Hell as not all that threatening. If Stella at some point got in Garou's face and told him he needed to know his place, he likely wouldn't take kindly to that as Darkshine did the same thing to him, I can picture Garou punching her and knocking her out while saying "No I think you're done, nighty night grandma". So what do you think, not that I'm asking you to do this or anything, I just think it'd be pretty funny if he actually did that to her. Octavia and Stolas' eyes would probably bug out of their skulls and jaws hit the table, Blitzo would probably burst out laughing at that. How do you think Garou would fare in that setting, he hates good, evil and injustice, but Hazbin Earth's humans are overemphasized on good, evil, many injustices, stupidly retarded, hypocritical (which Garou also hates), bigotry, humans are everything and the most complicated race in the universe, and yes Garou would hate Heaven and Hell because they represent good and evil but I think Hazbin Earth would drive him insane because of all the retarded bullshit that goes on and he'd be disappointed that there are no Heroes to hunt yet no Monsters to look up to. Imagine if Garou confronts either Angels or Demons who are still trying to figure out who he is and where he came from, now imagine if they find out he's from another universe and demand he come clean, and Garou whispers this into their ears menacingly..

Garou: About that other Earth I came from, metaphorically speaking, I was it's "Lucifer".

I also believe OPM GOD is more powerful than Lucifer's father (Christian God), all he has to do to defeat/kill him, is step on, similar to Godzilla vs Zilla if you will.
12/29/2021 c1 greendani10
bueno fue confirmado que borors no es nivel de amenaza dios el unico recursl que tiene para destruir un planeta es el cañon de estralla que colapsa y el minimo para destruir un planeta es de 10.000 y las tecnicas cuentan con un nivel de poder superior al que ejecuta la tecnica asi que en poder poder borps mo es mucho realmente
6/7/2019 c1 Flash
Hey, guest, the one who is a die hard Dragon Ball fan and always is biased and stupid when judging Saitama based off of just feats, screw off. While I disagree on the part that Garou could best the TOP participants in ToP, I do agree that people in One Punch Man (generally) possess far greater willpower than in DB. Also you must keep in mind that he left out UI Goku and Jiren(rightfully so). You say Saitama fans are stupid? At least we’re not dicks.
5/28/2019 c1 Guest
Most retarded shit I've ever read. You suck at power scaling. You make us saitama fans look bad.
4/27/2019 c1 Jansen
Dude... you got your power levels messed up... really really really messed up. Garou cannot destroy most of the fighters in the tournament of power. That was just sad to read... Boros at full power could possible destroy the solar system I don’t doubt that. But at age 15 goku was planet buster level. At the moment namek saga before he became super saiyan. I don’t know maybe Boros could defeat him. But you seriously got your math messed up.
1/20/2019 c1 1wolpe
Thanks :D
1/4/2019 c1 1Fimbu1vetr
The dominator of the universe has been... dominated
12/9/2018 c1 Last Shogun
Nice to see someone beleiving opm universe is stronger than dbz universe. I think so too.
7/8/2018 c1 Guest
I'm fine with Boros being above Frieza and Namek saga Goku, that guide saying he's a star buster should put him ahead of them. However the post story stuff is just flat out bullshit. The DBZ guys would be faster by a longshot. Goku by direct confirmation hopped across Namek basically instantly. Lowballing to a second means Namek saga Goku in base moves 1/14th the speed off light. And while Boros has no real feats on that level, he kinda scales to Saitama who can move at that speed. And the downplay and on the DB verse is disgusting here. Everyone knows by now that Goku is a master martial artist with the power to destroy the universe. Though Saitama hasn't shown his full power yet being generous he'd have solar system level punches, putting him above Cell in strength but FAR lower in speed, skill and technique. DBZ is just better at fighting in general.
6/24/2018 c1 Imtheavatar
Finally, someone who truly appreciates Boros' strength! But it shouldn't be so one sided. In second form, Boros and Frieza would be more or less equal.
Ignore that other guy. Typical DBZ fanboy who has no idea how One Punch Man works.

Really looking forward to that sequel you mentioned. Battle of the century:- Saitama VS Jiren!
6/11/2018 c1 11Mugen no Tenma
I like this story-hope there's a continuation.
5/26/2018 c1 Guest
ha...kakarotsanmistic, probably the only person on this site whose messages are composed of 40% insults on gay men and 40% insults on mothers (as well as your constant desire to fornicate ... mothers), I agree, having to defend the series you admire is a good thing, but seriously, change your way of doing things when you post your message, because you really become ... Giru ... yes that's it, you become really like Giru (# the really annoying character of the GT saga, but you already knew that, right? )
5/25/2018 c1 guest
I love how Boros was portrayed in this. I read two different stories of DBZ/OPM, and in both versions Boros was easily defeated by Frieza, so it's nice to see Frieza get his ass kicked by him for a change. Quick question though, did Captain Ginyu really die?
5/25/2018 c1 Guest
Well, that's a little complicated. Let's begin with lightspeed: there's a evidence showing that even Raditz possibly can have this speed, at least in reflexes.

However, Flashy Flash don't have significant feats of speed, only in the original made by ONE, where he attacks with the speed of light, and Saitama dodges it. So, only Saitama (and maybe Garou and Boros) can overcome the speed of light.

I don't think Garou can damage even the weakest of the fighters of Tournament of Power. He fights with a hole in this stomach, so what? You can say he have more willpower than DB characters (and even this isn't necessarily true), but that's it.

Honestly, the "black hole" thing seems like a hyperbole. You can believe in it or not, but there's no real evidence of that.

And about Boros and the "large star level" thing. In japanese, the word for star is HOSHI, but there's a little problem: this word also can be used for PLANET. Remember the scene when Goku says to Frieza something like "you can destroy a planet but you can't kill me"? The word in that phrase for "planet" is HOSHI.

About the story: I like it, it's interesting like CiscoTheSoto's version.
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