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5/2/2022 c4 yochan123
at first i would have thought you meant deidara but it's interesting to see Han featured in a fanfic :D
3/13/2022 c1 ThousandDaysOfLaziness
I don't understand it at all. She has so much knowledge from Earth and she is grown up, but rather that thinking of benefitting her country with it she is just decides to become some old man obedient wife? Seems like MC is not very bright and very gullible.
12/29/2021 c3 thanzintay.2000
Wait. What? Genjutsu?
11/8/2020 c3 1Otterly.adorkable
Her shinobi father’s genes makes an appearance
10/1/2020 c2 yvonne.eevee22
HOW DARE THEY USE A 3 YEARS OLD CHILD in their scheme. I hope the next chapter akane won't back down from their accusation and shot back at them with scarisim like 'I used genjutsu? How? All I had done is follow what MANAKA SENSEI peaches me in everyday to LOSE myself in my music' and ' OMG! if what she teaches all along is to infused genjutsu in my music luckily I had an accident when we on the way to meet the daimyo as EVERYONE IN THE LAND OF EARTH Knows that I am required to perform my koto ot the daimyo'. Please use this reasons to shot them down and make the whole family abondon the land of earth and move to land of fire to bankrupt them for their betrayal and scheme. Anyone with a brain will know someone teaches a 3 years old how to use a genjutsu. Don't tell me a child will miraclely know that . Please don't let the next chapter be something like the maruyama concede with the tsuchikage order or they abondon the girl. If that happen my heart will feel VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. just think if that happen to me made feel to hire minato namikaze to massacre them
3/18/2020 c3 Lady Syndra
Looking forward to the next chapter!
3/18/2020 c3 Vivi Neferatari
Thank u for the chapter
3/18/2020 c3 Kiku-Pyon
So I humbly thank you! And the story is progressing great so far! Really happy there wasn’t the whole three chapters of her being a baby.
Also that cliffhanger though! Not sure what the ninja were planning, but I feel like they had predicted that Akane might had more talent in chakra. (Which might also have something to do with her father!)
Can’t wait where your story may lead!
3/18/2020 c1 Ilive4cookies
I'm really happy about her character! I've read a few Naruto fanfics where the OC gets reborn as a member of nobility and acts reckless. It just frustrates me so much that they don't appreciate their privilege. It's like they still haven't fully understood that they're living in the Naruto world and all the dangers it brings. The character would act however it pleases and the convenient power of the plotline would keep them alive.
3/17/2020 c3 CyHills
I normally don’t leave reviews but damn, this chapter was expertly done. Manaka’s slow incorporation of genjutsu into Akane’s koto playing was expertly executed, I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t re-read the first chapter. Also the way her dad Reo, and may I presume her mother too, we’re slowly angling for her to join the ninja world is also a delightful semi-surprise. I wait anxiously for your next update to see how Akane
and the Maruyama’s react to the aftermath and what the true intentions of the Tsuchikage lie.
3/17/2020 c3 2DannyPhantom619
7/28/2018 c2 11YoKoChi150
Han: Yo soy tu padre.

XD Hahajajaja!

Ya, en serio ¡Necesito otro capitulo!
7/1/2018 c2 Madam3Mayh3m
I'm so glad I found this story !

Can't wait for the up and coming future chapters and to see where this story goes !
6/24/2018 c2 TheNightMist
In all honesty. I am guessing Han is her father.
6/18/2018 c2 2DannyPhantom619
I'm just glad she's slowly coming more and more independent instead of letting her destiny be controlled. Because I do not want to read a fanfic about a girl who dolls herself up to be married to a fat rich guy.

Also nice job including the 5 Tailed Jinchuuriki Han.
Now I just can't until the future chapters come out and see Akane's eventual meeting of Shisui Uchiha.
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